Once you have some model geometry in CAESAR II, either created from CADWorx or built in CAESAR, another step the designer can take is to reference the CADWorx model information into the model for further analysis.  

1. Open up your model in CAESAR II, and open up the Piping Input screen.

2. On the menu bar of the piping input screen, go to File > Open CADWorx model.

3. You will have an open file dialog box.  The CADWorx model that you select could contain multiple drawing Xrefs, and these xrefs will make it into the visualization inside of CAESAR II.  Choose your file and click OK.

4. You can control the color of the inserted visualization if you right click the model area and go to Properties > Display Options.


5. Inserted visualizations from CADWorx will bring in model definition data such as drawing name, layer, and object description.  Currently users are not able to use the measure tool to measure to inserted visualizations.