You can create system folders that reside in other locations, such as somewhere on your network. This allows you to share the settings from the system folder with others, such as specific materials in your material database, or edits that have been made to the valve flange database.

When you set the Alternate CAESAR II Distributed Data Path in the Configuration settings, you can specify the network location of the system folder. This allows the materials and other system (and configuration) settings to be shared by multiple people working on a project. You can also create multiple system folders on a network for use on different projects. 

See the following for a guideline on how to set up the networked directory.

  1. First, copy your local System directory to an empty named directory on your network.  Here I am copying it to my desktop, but the copied directory could be anywhere. It is important that the System directory is inside your named directory.!AleJji7Sehcbhi3ihg6N2FAzuBEe
  2. Open configuration options, go to database definitions, and set the alternate CAESAR II distributed data path by clicking the 3 dots:!AleJji7Sehcbhi64qsqW77SgWifY
  3. Then, close and reopen the config options dialog. Make sure you rename one of the material database files, or other networked files, so that you can easily tell a part those files from the local files in your user's directory:!AleJji7Sehcbhi-w67ekJTgndVOs