One of the items we can customize in PV Elite is the header of the report output that is generated when we print reports, to word or PDF.  Here's a simple way to change that document, to say whatever you want by default.

1. Open up Windows Explorer (Win +E) and navigate to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intergraph CAS\PVElite\2015\system.

2. Find the file named OutputHeader.docx and open it up in Microsoft Word.

3. This file is the default template that is used to generate the PDF template, whenever you print to PDF.

4. Make whatever edits you wish to the word document, for example:

5. Now go to File > Save As:

6. Make sure the filetype is saved as a PDF, and then click OK.  The name should stay the same as OutputHeader.pdf

7.  That's it! Generate any report you want with a customized title block.