When you install CADWorx from an Administrator account, a user will not have a profile setup automatically to run CADWorx.  In this case, just go to the Start Menu and run the “Setup-Profile” command under the CADWorx Programs as shown below:

Once the command is run, you can run CADWorx by using the icons on the desktop.  

Note: Every once and a while the CADWorx Ribbons get ‘lost’ in AutoCAD.  Sometimes it has been working fine and all of a sudden you open AutoCAD and it fails to load the Ribbons.  I have even seen this happen when a new profile is created using the “Setup New Profile”.  In these cases, the Profile is created and loads but the partial customization files still don’t get loaded correctly.  

In all cases, CADWorx is loaded and typing commands works fine but for some reason AutoCAD decides to ‘lose’ the connection to the partial customization files that hold the CADWorx Ribbons.

To that end, we created a new Specific On Topic (SPOT) Training Video on how to fix.  

Please login to see the video HERE (Video 8: Missing CADWorx Ribbons).