HASP Overview

Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions (ICAS) employs the Sentinel HASP Technology to protect its software application. The HASP Technology employed by ICAS is currently a hardware locking system. The ICAS Software requires this Hardware Lock to run. The Hardware Lock consists of small Green or Red USB Key. 

The Green USB Key is a local lock. The Red USB Key is a Network Lock.


  • ICAS has also started to implement a Serial Number technology on its products. A Serial Number is required to install the software on a computer. Once installed, the serial number is no longer required.

SECTION 1: ICAS Software Installation

The User will receive an Installation CD with the purchased software. Upon placing the CD in the computer CD/DVD ROM drive, the user is prompted to install the software.


  • If the AutoRun feature fails to run, the User will need to go to the root of the CD using Windows Explorer and manually start the process.
  • For CADWorx Installations (PLANT, P&ID or Steel), the User is required to first load a compatible AutoCAD and run it at least once.

Once the installer has started, click on the desired application and install like any Windows Application.  

NOTE:  If the installer prompts the User to Select a Green or Red key, ALWAYS SELECT THE GREEN KEY

After the ICAS software is installed, the ICAS Software Installer will launch the Sentinel HASP Runtime Drivers installer. Once completed, the software installation is completed. The only thing left is to deal with the HASP Protection System.

SECTION 2: HASP Protection System

Green HASP Keys

The Green HASP Key is a local lock. Once the software is installed, insert the Green Key into a spare USB port on the computer and run CADWorx. If the key is eligible to run the Version and Type of ICAS software installed then the program should start without issue.

Red HASP Keys

The Red HASP Key is a Network lock. Once the ICAS software is installed on the local workstation(s), the Red Network Key along with the Sentinel Hasp License Manager software needs to be installed on the desired license server as follows:

  • Install the latest Sentinel Runtime Drivers on the Server (File Name: Sentinel HASP/LDK – Windows GUI Run-time Installer) (Download Location)
  • Install the License Manager on the Server. (File HASP HL License Manager) (Download LocationNote: Ensure the User selects “Install as a Service” during the installation routine
  • Insert the Red key in a spare USB Port

Once the License Manager is up and Running and the Red Key is inserted with the LED lit, try and start the ICAS Application on the User’s Machine.
If the application does not run then follow the below instructions.

STEP 1: Open the Admin Console on the local Workstation. Check to see if the key is Visible on the HASP Keys Option.

The Vendor ID 41240 is the ICAS Key.

If the key is not visible, perform the following Steps:

Go back to the HASP Keys screen and after a few minutes the key will appear.

Step 2: Search for the NetHasp.ini sample installed with the ICAS application.  For CADWorx, it’s in the C:CADWorx 20XXPlantAssidrv directory.  Open the file with Notepad and set the [NH_SERVER_ADDR] to the IP Address of the server.

Save the file and copy it to the correct location.  For CADWorx, copy the NetHASP.ini file into the AutoDesk Program Files Directory so it resides with the acad.exe file.  For CAESAR II or PV Elite, copy the NetHASP.ini file so it resides with the CII.exe or PVElite.exe file.

Step 3: Start the application.