The default font for Node Numbers in CAESAR II can be really tiny, as well as other user interface options.  Most users who stare at computer screens all day want to be as ergonomic as possible to reduce eye strain.  Let's take a look at the steps involved to make node numbers and the layout of CAESAR II more appealing:

To modify the icon size in CAESAR II:

1. Right click anywhere in the dark grey area where your toolbars are. Go to Customize.

2. On the Options tab, choose Large Icons.  Click Close.

To make node numbers (and other text items) larger, or to change the default colors in CAESAR II:

1. Right click the model area > Properties > Display Options

2.  Go to the "Nodes" option under Fonts, click the three dots by the row, and modify those font properties.  After you make your changes, don't forget to click Apply at the top of the pallette!