Steps for converting CADWorx model for import into Revit:

  1. Save a copy of the CADWorx model in new location
  2. Convert all entities to a solid using the CWEXPLODE command.
    • Note: If this step doesn’t work,  Convert all entities to a surface using the COVTOSURFACE command.
  3. Save file

Steps for importing converted CADWorx model into Revit:

  1. Start new RVT file
  2. Link in converted CADWorx model (center to center if using real world coordinates)
  3. Move CADWorx model to Revit origin and rotate orthogonally (if needed)
  4. Pin the linked model in place
  5. Acquire Coordinates from linked CADWorx model (if using real world coordinates)

Steps for exporting Revit to AutoCAD:

  1. Be sure that the Units and Coordinates tab are set to “Shared”.  This will ensure that when the Revit export is referenced into the CADWorx model that the origins will match.

Thank you Christopher Bradt for your assistance creating this workflow for importation between CADWorx and Revit

Note: Reposted Solution from CADWorx Blog Forum.