1. For RED USB HASP Key/Lock – Remove the RED USB Key from server and plug in a LOCAL Workstation that has CADWorx Installed on it.
  2. For Green USB HASP Key/Lock – Leave the Green USB Key plugged into the local workstation.
  3. Wait for Key to light up.  There is a little Red LED inside the key.

NOTE: If you just plugged the key into the workstation please give it a minute or so for the key to light up.

  1. Open the Software
    1. CADWorx 2015 and below
      1. From the Windows Start Menu, Go to Start>All Programs>CADWorx 20xx>Plant>HL ESL Maintenance Utility.
    2. CADWorx 2016
      1. In Windows Explorer Navigate to and open "C:\CADWorx 2016\Utilities\SupportHL.exe"
  1. The following dialog will appear:

  1. Click the “Show ESL Data” Button.
  2. The following ESL Data window will appear:

  3. Click the “Log File” Button at the bottom right.

  4. Once Clicked the program will create a log file and store it in a location on your hard drive. The path to the file is shown in the window above the Log File button

  5. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the text file, attach it to an email and send to  

  6. ECE Design will provide subsequent Instructions to update the lock.