ECE has found that transferring documents via S3/FTP is an efficient form of communication especially when large file sizes are involved. To faciliate this methodolgy we rely on the CrossFTP Client. Please navigate to the CrossFTP Client Download Site to download and install this free utility. The following link can be used:


Once on the site, download and install the CrossFTP free version.


Once CrossFTP is installed, please open the application and click on the Site Manager Icon.

Open Site Manager

Follow Steps 1 through 7 as shown in the picture below:

Setting Up CrossFTP Site

1. Click on New Site.

2. Select S3 from the Protocol dropdown and the screen will change just a bit to the below:

3. Enter a Site Name in the "Label" text box.

4. Leave the Host as ""

5. Leave the Port as 80

6. Enter your Access Key we provided for your company.

7. Enter your Secret we provided for your company.

8. Enter the remote path we provided for your company.

Once complete, click connect to attach to our FTP Site to download and upload files.