When viewing CADWorx Plant Models with Navisworks you will need check a few things:

Clean Up

Before installing any new object enablers make sure you:
Close down all AutoCAD, CADWorx and Navisworks Sessions.
Remove any previous versions of the object enablers from your computer.
    Remove all NWC files from your drawings directory


NOTE: CADWorx object enablers need to be installed on the computer, even if you have CADWorx already installed.


You can find those on https://smartsupport1.intergraph.com/

  • Go to the View Downloads tab
  • Click on CADWorx under Product Support Pages
  • Click on Freeware Tools and Utilities
  • Then find the latest version (Currently 2017 SP1)

Navisworks Settings

  • You will need to go to your Navisworks Options to change/import the following settings.
  • Interface
    • Selection
      • Selection Resolution
        • Last Object
    Quick Properties
    • These may vary for your needs, but here are some default to get you going

    File Readers

    • DWG/DXF
    • NOTE: Autodesk removed the ability to change the DWG Loader Version in Navisworks 2017
    • Convert Object Properties