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TANK 2015

The latest TANK release delivers a number of significant new and extended capabilities in response to current market requirements, as well as direct feedback from the growing TANK user community. The following changes have been made to TANK:

Code Updates

 Updated the software to support API 650, Addendum 1, 12thEdition (September 2014). The code updates resulted in the following changes to the software. These revisions may produce numeric results that differ from previous versions:

  • Added a new requirement for the minimum net area at the roof/shell (API 650, Section
  • Updated the formula for annular bottom plate radial (API 650, Section 5.5.2)
  • Updated properties for some 21 materials. (API 650, Table 5.2)
  • Updated the formula for the resisting weight of the tank contents per unit length of shell (API 650, Section
  • Updated the minimum diameter for corroded bolts to 25 mm (1 inch). (API 650, Section 12.5)
  • Updated the minimum yield strength limit to 55000 psi (380 MPa). (API 650, Table 21)
  • Removed the formulas for wAB and (API 650, Section E.
  • Removed the bolt spacing and minimum number of bolts (API 650, Section E.7.1)
  • Updated yield strength so that the software modifies it based upon maximum design (API 650, Sections M.3.7, M.3.8, S.3.6.7, and S.3.6.8)
  • Replaced the section 6 requirement regarding the maximum height of an unstiffened shell with the new M.5.1 requirement, which increases the minimum thickness of roof plates by the ratio of the material modulus of elasticity at 40 degrees C to that at the design temperature per Table S-6. (API 650, Section S.3.6.6)



  • Enhanced TANK to display the 3D model of a tank in a PDF from three areas of the
    • In the Input Processor, select Preview/Print Print to 3D PDF to include the 3D model of your tank in a PDF
    • After analysis or error checking, select Analyze Create 3D PDF Files to include the 3D model in the same PDF that contains output
    • In the Output Processor, select Preview/Print Insert 3D Page to include the 3D model with the output report PDF
  • You can manipulate the 3D model in the same way that you do in the TANK program. 
  • Enhanced TANK to include bookmarks for output reports when printing to PDF, eliminating the need to scroll through the document to locate the necessary Now, you can click the bookmark of the report to view, similar to how you select a report from the Report List in the Output Processor. Report bookmarks display in the PDF based on the reports you select from theReport List in the Output Processor. 
  • Updated TANK to allow access to a backup copy of your TANK files by selecting File Backup Folder. The software saves a copy of your TANK jobs in the Backup folder in the program folder when you analyze
  • Enhanced TANK to allow a modulus of elasticity value of less than 20 million psi for the roof plate Previously, the software automatically reset Elastic Modulus of Roof Plate Material values of less than 20 million psi to 29 million. The software now displays a warning on the Error Checker .LOG File report when you enter a value of less than 20 million. If you enter a value of less than 14 million, then the software will automatically reset the value to 14 million psi. 
  • Created a new Quick Start Guide to assist users with getting started with the TANK The guide features installation information, as well as descriptions of the basic functionality of the interface. The Help tab includes a new Quick Start icon, which allows you to easily access the Quick Start Guide
  • Updated TANK to replace Weight of Snow on Roof with Ground Snow Load. Previously, the software used the value inWeight of Snow on Roof to determine the load applied to the The value in Ground Snow Load now allows you to determine the weight of snow on the roof and the roof nominal thickness per section and of API 650. 
  • Updated TANK to display calculated wind girders on the 3D model after Previously, TANK only displayed a single wind girder if you entered a value greater than 0.01 in Distance Down to Top Wind Girder. The software now displays intermediate wind girders, when applicable, after analysis on the model and in the Wind, Material, Thickness & Weightsreport. 


TANK 2014 SP2

The following revisions were made to TANK software for this service pack update:


  • Fixed an issue where, when you specified an Anchor Bolt Database other than TEMA-Imperial in the Database Definitions configuration options, the TANK software did not use the selected database for calculations and used the TEMA-Imperial database only. The software now uses the Anchor Bolt Database you specify in configuration for bolting calculations.
  • Updated the TANK software to support the Japanese Structural Database through a new configuration option, JIS.BIN, in the Database Definitions > Structural Database configuration setting. Select JIS.BIN in the Structural Database box in Configuration. Then, you can select the Japanese structural database (JIS.bin) from Roof Specifications > Supported Cone Roof Data. Additionally, when you select this database you can specify H for the Preferred Rafter Type and Preferred Girder Type and P for the Preferred Column Type.

TANK Input

  • Resolved an issue in the Roof Specifications dialog box where the TANK software did not save some General Roof Specs and Supported Cone Roof Data input values. The software now saves all input values when you click Save or run the tank analysis.

Output Reports

  • Resolved an issue in TANK involving formula substitutions on the Seismic Analysis Calculations report. Previously, the software displayed incorrect values in certain formula substitutions on the report when using Metric units, even though the software calculated the correct answer in the calculated result. The software now displays the correct Metric unit values for all formula substitutions on the report.
  • Fixed an issue where the software did not display intermediate wind girders on the 3D model after analysis and did not report the intermediate wind girder positions correctly. The software now displays intermediate wind girders on the model if the software determines wind girders are necessary during analysis. The software calculates the locations for each wind girder measuring from the top wind girder, and shows the locations from the top of the tank in the height values on the Wind, Material, Thickness & Weights report.

TANK 2014 New Features

  • Updated the graphics model to include a new 3D View
  • Updated the software for API 650, 12th Edition (Errata, July 2013)
  • Updated the software for API 2000, 6th Edition (November 2009)
  • Updated the software for API 653, 4th Edition (November 2013)
  • Revised Supported Cone Roof Data to include a Structural Database input, which is separate from the tank-specified database input
  • Revised the software to store the Reload Last File at Startup configuration setting in the registry settings
  • Included more productivity enhancements, such as:
    • Added a new Check for Update option for software updates
    • Completed various UI updates to improve usability
    • Updated the Help with information for all enhancements and previous software revisions

TANK 2013 New Features

  • Updated and improved user interface, including the following enhancements:
    • Tabbed ribbon interface with a Microsoft Office 2007/2010 look
    • Multiple colored theme options (blue, black, and silver)
    • Large, medium, or small icon options in the main menu
    • Simplified analysis options with error notifications in the output
    • Added formulas and substitutions for many of the calculations (Wind, Seismic, Thickness, etc.)
    • Enhanced report printing with a “straight-to-PDF” option that you can use from the input, output, or graphics modules.
  • Included more robust Output Processor features, such as:
    • Report re-ordering with drag-and-drop functionality
    • Text searching (highlighting) in reports
    • Print-to-PDF capability
    • Select all text in a report
    • Select all reports at one time
    • Color-coded report names, which display warnings and errors
    • Enhanced new computation control options that tailor how analysis proceeds
    • Updated documentation guides and help files

TANK 2012 New Features

  • TANK 2012 was updated to the latest API Code, 11th Edition, Addendum 3.
  • User defined Wind pressure versus Elevation in lieu of the built in API (ASCE-7) Wind load method.
  • Anchor Chair calculations have been added that include formulas and substitutions
  • The user interface has also been updated.
  • The output processor has also been updated and some new features added.
  • The TANK User’s Guide has been re-organized to include additional task-oriented topics and enhanced information.
  • A separate Installation Guide is now available that include troubleshooting topics. Previously the installation instructions were included as part of the TANK User’s Guide. You can access the Installation Guide in .pdf format from the TANK Installation splash screen as well as from the TANK Main menu Help item. Click On-line Documentation.