Whats New CADWorx Plant 2017 R1 SP1 HF1

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Whats New CADWorx Plant 2017 R1 SP1 (

TX-21274 – TAG_SPC_TBL value doubling up in long description

TAG_SPC_TBL value in long description schema will no longer double up when placing component in the model.

TX-21276 – Valve component item is listed twice in PIDVIEW palette

Issue causing some P&ID valves to be listed twice in the PIDVIEW palette has been fixed.

TX-21277 – Spec Editor Crash while Exporting to Excel

Issue with specific customer PRJ when exporting to Excel has been fixed.

TX-21279 – Losing Custom Data in the Spec Editor

Issue with Custom Field becoming hidden when specs were rearranged by drag/drop in the Spec Editor has been fixed.

TX-21280 – Cannot export a data table correctly with more than 26 fields

Excel export limitation with number of component fields exported has been eliminated.

TX-21283 – Fatal Error changing Equipment Tooltip Setting

Fatal error when changing Equipment tooltip settings has been fixed.

TX-21284 – ViewBox hiding components outside the box

Issue with VIEWBOX “Hide” functionality still showing native AutoCAD shapes outside the VIEWBOX has been fixed.

TX-21287 – Bolt/Weld/Gasket color does not update with layer color

Issue causing bolt/weld/gasket components to retain their original color when changing their assigned layer color in the Layer Manager has been fixed.

TX-21291 – Clash with SW fittings

Issue causing clash reporting in some cases when using SW fittings has been fixed.

TX-21292 – Cannot Autoroute 45 Deg Elbow

Issue preventing specific user spec 45 SW EL from being routed using AUTOROUTE functionality has been fixed.

TX-21296 – Clash check with steel showing clashes that do not exist

Issue causing false clash reports with legacy steel in specific end user model has been fixed.

TX-21298 – Option to reverse orientation of Check Valve not available

Check valve placement functionality has been enhanced to provide reverse orientation option for all placement methods.

TX-21300 – _INSULATION Command not working properly

Issue preventing insulation + tracing combined placement in some conditions has been fixed.

TX-21304 – NOM_SIZE_TBL incorrectly rounding values

NOM_SIZE_TBL value rounding for Bolt components when used in the LD schema has been enhanced.

TX-21308 – Usershape disappears when Exploded

CWEXPLODE functionality has been enhanced for User Shape component support.

TX-21309 – Bolt component class ignored from ribbon, toolbar or SPECVIEW

Bolt placement has been enhanced to provide same level of Class check when placing from ribbon, toolbar, or SPECVIEW as previously provided during routing only. User will be prompted mismatch exists. with Class

TX-21312 – Ball on ball valve size is adjusted in different solid modes

Issue with CONVERTENHANCED of certain copied wafer style valve geometry scaling has been fixed.

TX-21317 - Error while importing PCF files

PCFIN has been enhanced to support PCF content generated by PDSOFT.

TX-21318 – Pipe Fitting Make Up

Pipe healing functionality when removing entire pipe sections resulting in fitting-to-fitting arrangement has been enhanced.

TX-21321 – Blind Flange Rule is not working as expected

Issue allowing blind flange being placed directly onto pipe plain end when placed from SPECVIEW previously has been fixed.

TX-21326 – Crashes for stretch pipe with part number LENGTH_CMP_TBL

Error when Pipe Length Rule is set to 'Automatic' when stretching pipe more than MAX length given in Pipe Data table, if the component has LENGTH_CMP_TBL in Part Number Format has been fixed.

TX-21327 – Router Options

Router updates made to prevent Optional Components from being placed when they are disabled in SPECVIEW.

TX-21328 – Custom Pipe Supports not placed correctly

Inconsistency when placing Custom Pipe Supports has been fixed.

TX-21330 – Issues with copying ENGENERIC and updating information

Issue with copied ENGENERIC components requiring manual data edits prior to ISO out has been fixed.

TX-21331 – Performance issue with DropDownList.txt

Line number DropDownList performance has been enhanced.

TX-21332 – Bolts get wrong line number when inserting an ENGENERIC gasket
Issue with line number assignment on automatically placed bolts when inserting ENGENERIC component onto a flange/gasket has been fixed.

TX-21333 – OLETs not available on Nipples

OLET functionality is now fully supported on nipples.

TX-21342 – NUMBERASSIGN Command does not Change Layers for Pipe Supports

Issue preventing new layer being assigned to Pipe Supports when using NUMBERASSIGN fixed. has been

TX-21343 – TCG not Showing Correct Location for Bolts

Discrepancy with bolt TCG location pointer has been fixed

TX-21445 – SetupProfile causes 2DREP issue

AsdkHlr21.dbx copy to ACAD program caused issues with 2DREP, dbx copy action has been removed from the Setup Profile utility.

TX-21449 – Center of Gravity not calculating correctly with Insulation

Issue with C.O.G. calculation with certain arrangements containing insulation has been fixed.

TX-21346 – Clipped components shown with viewbox

Issue with clipped components showing up in VIEWBOX views has been fixed.

TX-21348 – Exploding a Usershape, then erasing, creates a ghost component

Issue causing ghost copies of User Shape components being left behind in some cases when exploding has been fixed.

TX-21351 – Elevation from _DIMCOORD Incorrect

Incorrect Elevation output by DIMCOORD in specific end user model data has been fixed.

TX-21352 – Clash Detection spheres not to correct size or not showing

Clash report sphere scaling issue in Metric models has been fixed.

TX-21359 – Bolt hole diameters do not line up on both sides of components

Improvements have been made to the alignment of bolts across valve trains.

TX-21360 – Object Snaps not working like before

Improvements have been made to the responsiveness of OSNAPS on CADWorx objects.

TX-21361 – O-LET Assemblies not inheriting Line Numbers

Issue preventing OLET insertion based assemblies from correctly inheriting line number has been

TX-21365 – Generic Attach grabbing incorrect point when grabbing component

Enhancements including Default Location option have been made to GENERIC component C.O.G. and TAG location selection.

TX-21366 – Flange Optional Components

Flange insertion functionality enhanced to prevent optional flange insertion if optional components are disabled in the SPECVIEW settings.

TX-21367 – Insulation is Showing Double in the Insulation Palette

Insulation palette update to prevent prior insulation sizes from listing when selected drawing insulation components are updated by the user.

TX-21368 – Missing Piping Components when Line Isolate w/ XREFs

Issue when using Line Isolate “Full” option preventing all XREF geometry from being displayed has been fixed.

TX-21369 – Inserting Components w/ Model Perpendicular to Isometric Plane

Component placement improvements made when modeling perpendicular to an isometric plane.

TX-21372 – Lineview Palette Isolation Performance

Performance enhancement made to LINEVIEW isolate functionality.

TX-21374 – BORE Keyword not Calculating Correctly

Issue with BORE size calculation for specific data from end user specification has been fixed.

TX-21379 – Street Elbows shows wrong Symbol on ISOGEN Output

Isometric symbol output for street elbows has been improved.

TX-21381 – Routing Plus Grip Disappears

Routing enhancements made to automate component connectivity for additional end user specific workflow scenario.

TX-21382 – Bolt weight increases on adding the additional gaskets

Documentation update to clarify bolt weight calculation logic.

TX-21383 – SETUPPLANTCFG command no longer works

Previously disabled command re-enabled.

TX-21460 – Integer Type Custom Data

Issue with BOMEXPORT when components contain Integer Type custom data has been fixed.

TX-21505 – Moving Pipe w/ Elevation Command not working

Issue with moving pipe from its grip using the Elevation command has been fixed.

TX-21607 – Integrate latest Isogen

Isogen version 2016 HF3 has been implemented.

TX-21645 – BOMREPORT not creating Table in LiveDB

Issue with BOMREPORT when connected to a database has been fixed.

TX-22034 – ISOGEN Supplementals: Floor Penetrations

Issue with ISOGENSUPPL floor penetration symbol ISO output has been fixed.

TX-22142 – BricsCAD Unable to Modify Structure Model with Equipment Loaded

Issue when CADWorx Structure is loaded inside CADWorx Plant in BricsCAD preventing Structure model content from being edited has been fixed.

TX-22345 –Program crashes when sync with SQL database

Issue with specific customer model/data synchronizing with a SQL database has been fixed.

Whats New CADWorx Plant 2017 R1 (

  • You can now set your material list for Isogen so that the output shows all materials based on separate specifications, or combines identical components from different specifications into one list using the IsogenSplitMaterialsBySpec variable. 
  • Updated the manual for running Equipment and Structure in Plant while using BricsCAD.

Whats New CADWorx Plant 2017 SP1 (

TX-19262 - Clamps outside spec size range available in model

Defect causing optional Clamp components outside of the allowed spec size range to be available for selection in the Component List in some cases has been fixed.

TX-19358/19162 - Title Block Manager and Check-In Check-Out Crash

Defect causing Title Block Manager and Check-In/Check-Out dialogs in CADWorx fatal error has been fixed. P&ID to result in

TX-18698 - COMBINEINST not working

Defect with COMBINEINST and subsequent Loop Diagram functionality in CADWorx P&ID has been fixed.

TX-18983 - TAG LINE Command no longer works

Defect with TAG Line command in CADWorx P&ID has been fixed.

TX-19161 – 3-way Valve Directional issue

Defect causing 3-way valves to place with branch in opposite direction of existing process line branch in CADWorx P&ID has been fixed.

TX-19205/19189 - Custom Data does not appear in END TYPE Table

Enhancements have been made to End Type table custom data to make their population when part of LD/SD/TAG/PTN schema independent of the PipeDescriptionCat/End Prep Rule setting.

TX-19212 - Clamp / Coupling options

Inconsistency with Optional coupling/Clamp component listing in the Component List has been resolved

TX-19286 - Clamps not inserting by valves with Auto Insert Rule on

Defect preventing Clamp components from inserting automatically by valve components when the Auto-Coupling rule is turned on has been fixed.

TX-19288 - PRJ-level custom data option missing

Defect causing PRJ-level Custom Data fields to show up in the Project Properties window in the Spec Editor only right after opening the PRJ file has been fixed.

TX-19290 - List Type Custom Field Default Value not set

Defect preventing modified Default Value settings in the SPECVIEW Settings for List-type custom fields has been fixed.

TX-19463 – Embedded Entity Compatibility Fix

Defect causing version compatibility errors when embedded entity components from pre-2016 SP3 models were opened in CADWorx Plant 2016 SP3 has been fixed.

TX-19480 - "Force End Type Length within Component Length" not consistent

Issue causing custom end types with “Force End Type Length” enabled when used on Coupling Components to still be added outside the Coupling OAL dimension has been fixed.

TX-19181 - Bolts placement wrong when Stub has backing ring assigned in Spec

Issue causing bolt rotation offset in enhanced mode on LJ Flange when the LJ Flange with the Stub End in the spec has been fixed. is associated

TX-19185 - Add Teigha libraries to CW Plant deployment

Teigha libraries needed to use the new Isogen DWG Block Attribute population are included and deployed by this SP1 installer.

TX-19190 - Bolt Hole Orientation - Specify Input Angle

Issue with enhanced mode representation of bolts with rotational angle offset has been fixed.

TX-19225 - Line Numbering System not saving settings

Defect preventing Line Number setup changes from saving to the CFG unless you explicitly save the CFG in the SETUP window has been fixed.

TX-19239 - ROTATION_X_AXIS Field missing

Defect causing the ROTATION_X_AXIS field in Coupling data tables to become hidden in some cases has been fixed.

TX-19423 - Custom Supports with 2DREP

Issue preventing custom pipe support components from displaying with 2DREP has been fixed.

TX-19240 - Readme documentation error

Readme documentation has been updated to list the correct compatible AutoCAD versions.

TX-19341 - Special End Stub Flanges not listed when use Design '+' grip

Defect preventing certain special end Stub Ends from listing when using the router ‘+’ grip has been fixed.

TX-19508 – Integrate Personal Isogen 2016 HF2

Personal Isogen 2016 HF2 has been integrated into this Service Pack. Refer to the Isogen release documentation included in the Isogen subfolder structure for details on scope included in the Personal Isogen 2016 HF2 update.

TX-19158 – 6X6 Equal T shows wrong dimensions in Metric/Metric-Inch catalog

Branch dimension for 6x6 equal TEE component included in the OOTB Metric and Metric-Inch has been corrected from 123 mm to 143 mm as per B16.9-2012.

TX-19365 – Pipe Router Component List listing pipe schedules outside of Spec configuration

Defect causing piping components being listed with schedules not available in the active NPS has been fixed.

TX-19440/19600 – 2DREP problem with AutoCAD 2017 for models at large coordinate range

AutoCAD 2017 issue which HLR functions at large coordinate range has received an SDK fix published by Autodesk which has been incorporated into this Service Pack. 2DREP makes use of HLR functionality and was therefore impacted by this AutoCAD 2017 defect.

TX-19507 – Multiport valve routing disconnects

Defect causing Isogen disconnects when multiport valve ports were re-oriented after placement has been fixed.

TX-19595 – Stub-End variable Length

Stub-End components have been enhanced to support variable length functionality in special-end configuration. Variable length functionality was previously available for non-special-only previously. end configurations

TX-19611 – Pipe Support Length on Elbows issue

Issue causing pipe support length entry for pipe supports placed at the “C” location of elbows being applied off the insertion point of that pipe support instead of perpendicular CL has been fixed.

TX-19630 – Regenerate Pipe Support button does not work

Pipe Support Regenerate button functionality has been restored.

Whats New CADWorx Plant 2017 (

                See also What's New in CADWorx 2017

This version of CADWorx Plant features the following new enhancements:

• You can create and display graphic overlays on couplings.
• You can create user shapes with multiple reductions.
• You can assign bolts and gaskets to user shapes.
• You can use geometry points to create user shapes.
• You can place a backing flange on a user shape when the user shape contains a stub end flange.
• You can assign selection codes to generic nozzles.
• Updated the branch table. Now when you do not allow a component in the branch table, and then turn on the Apply Branch Table Rule, then you cannot insert that component.
• You can turn updates on or off for Isogen Data in the Apply Change Data Rule.
• You can now set Isogen to use the Systems PCF in the configuration file.
• You can now set Isogen to show the bottom of pipe elevation.
• Enhanced the Create Assembly functionality in the Pipe Support Modeler palette. You can enter decimal values without the zero. The software warns you when you switch to a drawing while working on a pipe support, and allows you to cancel the work and switch to the other drawing. The Group Name allows you to enter any length for the name.
• Updated and enhanced the Apply Gasket Insertion Rule and the Apply Bolt Insertion Rule to include clamp components for automatic insertion of bolts and gaskets.
• Updated the Default OTAP SKEY from TTSO to TSSO.
• Updated insulation on elbows. When you insert an elbow and place insulation on that elbow, the actual insulation thickness now displays.
• You can export Sanitary U-Bend components to Isogen.
• Unions with threaded engagement end types display the length from the LEN column in the union data table in the Specification Editor when you insert those components in the model space.
• CADWorx Plant now supports the latest version of CAESAR II.
• Enhanced custom pipe support assemblies. When you have overlapping steel components in your assembly, the software prompts you to select the member you want to cope, and then the coping boundary when you place the assembly in the model space.
• Enhanced user shapes to include elbows, side-outlet elbows, and side-outlet tees.
• You can use -1 for extruded steel components with variable lengths.
• You can select the Ignore Coupling internal clashes option on the Class View > Options dialog box to ignore coupling component connections with internal clashes.
Customer Support
CADWorx New Features
• You can set all 255 colors for your Compass and Highlight in CADWorx Plant Setup.
• You can use taps in your 180 degree elbows, and they now correctly display in your isometric drawings.
• Custom fields created in the CADWorx Specification Editor now map to Isogen when you run ISOGENOUT on components containing custom fields. For more information, refer to the Isogen documentation delivered with I-Configure.
• CADWorx Plant now enables you to control the output of revision changes on the isometric drawing. First, you must create a REVISION custom user field in the CADWorx Specification Editor with the current design revision value. Then, you must set up the appropriate revision attributes in Isogen Configuration. Finally, you must set the REVISION attribute in the ISOGENPROJECTDATASETUP command to the revision number you want clouded on the Isogen plot. For more information, see Revision Clouds in the Isometric Drawing Options Reference Guide. You can access this document using the Help > Printable Guides command in Isogen Configuration.

New Features in CADWorx Spec Editor 2017

This version of CADWorx Spec Editor features the following new enhancements:

• You can set the Selection Code for your gaskets and bolts, and then assign Applicable Gaskets and Applicable Bolts to your flange components, clamp components, flanged end-types, and clamped end-types.
• You can specify an alphanumeric designator to display for your bolts.
• Added the SELECTION_CODE_CMP_TBL format in Component Tables list of the Long, Short, Tag, and Part Number Format Dialog Boxes and the Description Format Dialog Boxes. This format allows you to add the gasket and bolt selection codes to your description formats in Gaskets or Bolts.
• You can set default values for BOM Type, Layer Name, Color Index, Topworks, Sort Sequence, Isogen Identifier, Isogen SKEY, Optional Component, Applicable Gaskets, Applicable Bolts, and Connection Settings for Start, End, Branch 1, and Branch 2 when creating a data table.
• You can set default values for Isogen Symbol, Applicable Gaskets, Applicable Bolts, Component Class, Temperature Rating, and Pressure Rating when creating an end type table.
• You can set default values for BOM Type, Layer Name, Color Index, Topworks, Sort Sequence, Isogen Identifier, Isogen SKEY, Applicable Gaskets, Applicable Bolts, and Optional Component when creating a user shape in the Spec Editor.
• You can add custom end types to the catalog and specification. Features of these custom end types include, being able to transfer the data with the Transfer Data panel options, disabling automatic gasket, weld, and bolt insertion for specific components, and setting the custom end types in the Matching End Type Table.
• You can view your list of components in the specification by category or group.
• You can view your data tables by category or group.
• You can add groups that list multiple component types to the data tables folder. There are no restrictions to how you can define your groups.
• You can create custom end types, such as stub end end type components with the new end type feature.
• You can add multiple sizes to you user shapes to create multi-reduction user shapes.
• You can add a .png or .gif with the Image Path option under Picture Description in the Properties pane of custom pipe supports, custom topworks, and user shapes.
• Updated component images in the Specification Editor Properties pane for Flange Slip On, Flange Reducing Slip On, Flange Threaded, Flange Reducing Threaded, Nip-O-Let, and Strainers.
• You can define the size of a pipe support to insert on a specific nominal pipe size.
• Sort order of the Data Tables saves with the catalog. Click the column header to sort by that column. Press SHIFT and click the column header to set a secondary sort order.
• Enhanced custom data.

o You can change the default value of the project level custom data field individually at each specification level by typing a new value in the column in the Main Spec List View.
o You can reset the specification level default values of the project level custom data fields after you change them when editing Project Custom Data.
o You can update default values in project custom data to overwrite all values or only the values matching the original value.
o Project Custom Data displays in your specification custom data.
o Default value override is also available for pipe support libraries and assemblies.

• Enhanced the Properties pane. Your properties pane now stays at the same scroll location when you switch between tables under the same table folder.
• Added the Sub Folder option to the Topworks data table folder to make managing topworks easier.
• Enhanced the tool tips for the Specification Editor fields such as data tables, end types, and more. When you hover over a name that extends beyond the boundary of the window, a tool tip displays the full name of the item.
• You can create graphic overlays of your coupling components in CADWorx Plant. In the CADWorx Spec Editor, you can specify the Subdirectory, the drawing name (DWGNAME), and the rotation around the X axis (ROTATION_X_AXIS) to define the graphic overlay on your coupling component. This works in much the same way as you would define graphics for your custom topworks. You can also create graphic overlays with the Graphics Overlay Editor in CADWorx Plant.

New Features in CADWorx Equipment 2017

This version of CADWorx Equipment features the following new enhancements:

• You can specify Applicable Gaskets and Applicable Bolts on nozzles. The software then adds the selected gaskets and bolts between the nozzle and the flanges when you connect components to the nozzle in CADWorx Plant.

New Features in CADWorx Design Review 2017

This version of CADWorx Design Review features the following new enhancements:

• Supports Industry Foundation Class (.ifc) file export.
• Stability and performance enhancements.
• Supports 64-bit Windows.
• Supports CADWorx Structure 2017.
• Supports CADWorx 2017.
• Supports AutoCAD 2017 Compatibility.

Whats New CADWorx Plant 2016 SP3 HF1 (

TX-1719487 Embedded Entity Compatibility Fix

Defect causing version compatibility errors when embedded entity components from pre-2016 SP3 models were opened in CADWorx Plant 2016 SP3 has been fixed.

Whats New CADWorx Plant 2016 SP3 (

TX-17846 - Problem with  Pipe Weights for structural comp.  

Defect causing specific steel components when used in pipe support assemblies to have incorrect weight multiplier has been fixed. 

TX-18521 - C2OUT  Returning Error for Custom PipeSupports 

Defect preventing correct length assignment to Pipe Support assemblies created using only Custom block components causing C2OUT  error has been fixed. 

TX-17835 - Buttweld pipe component form CW 2012 cannot be updated endprep 

Enhancement made to CONVERTCADWORXLEGACYDWGS command to allow end prep assignment to get carried  over. 

TX-17836 - Existing user shapes not dashed line on ISO 

Defect preventing “Existing” user shapes from showing up dashed on the ISO plot has been fixed. 

TX-17840 - Elbow missing using PCFIN 

PCFIN  has been enhanced to support a wider range of elbows on import. 

TX-17847 - Routing Mode not working with  Elevation Command 

Defect preventing use of Elevation option during routing has been fixed. 

TX-17848 - Adding Tangent length to 180 Elbow causes disconnect 

Defect causing Isogen disconnect when adding tangent length to 180  bends has been fixed. 

TX-17849 - Specification Editor failing to export data for O-lets 

Defect preventing OLET components with PSA  falling outside of the Spec size range of a Spec fromDefect preventing OLET components wi being exported to Excel has been fixed. 

TX-17855 - AutoPlant Catalog import for elbows not working 

AutoPlant Spec import has been enhanced to support a greater range of elbow components. 

TX-17856 - Changing end type on  a Nip-O-Let does not model correctly 

Nip-O-Let components have been enhanced to support a greater range of end-type assignments. 

TX-17859 – User Shape End Type not working Spec Editor "Export & Import" 

Defect ignoring User Shape end type assignment on Excel export/import has been fixed. 

TX-17861 - Body Flange not resizing 

Equipment body  flange component has been enhanced to resize automatically when adjacent components are resized in wider range of cases. 

TX-17862 - Undo Line Isolation causes DatabaseUpdate 

Enhancement has been made to DB SYNC logic to prevent activation on Line Isolation actions. 

TX-17863 - Saddle support on  insulated pipe were not updating in model 

Enhancement has been made to pipe support saddle components to update size automatically when insulation is added to a line containing saddle supports in the model. Insulation resize option required for this in the Pipe Support setup. 

TX-17864 - Isogen picking up  Library Name of PSL as the SPEC 

Enhancement has been to ISO out to ignore PSL  name on PCF  generation, pipe spec name will be used at all times for PIPELINE-REFERENCE. 

TX-17865 - Bolt  Lengths revert to "0" COVERTFROMPRJDATA is used with  XREF's 

Defect causing some bolt types to have length set to zero after CONVERTFROMPRJDATA has been fixed. 

TX-17868/TX-17869 - VUE Export failing in some cases 

Enhancements have been made to VUE export to support wider range of geometry. Note that Equipment and Steel data files have to be accessible (setup in CFG  file correctly) in order for VUE export to include this content, as before. 

TX-17890 - Tap Point on  Elbolet should be CP 

Defect causing Doubleback error on Isogen out with tap points on Elbolets has been fixed. 

TX-17891 - Isogen Continuation not showing correctly 

Enhancements have been made to the Isogen Continuation functionality to support continuation call- outs in specific situations where continuation components cross multiple line numbers. 

TX-17894 - Dynamic pipe shoe not updating from rule for the pipe clamps 

Defect preventing pipe shoes using PIPEOD keyword in connection point formulas from being applied correctly when changing the size of some of the components in an existing assembly has been fixed. 

TX-17946 - Custom Topworks do  not copy to new drawings 

Defect preventing custom topworks from pasting into new drawings has been fixed. 

TX-17968 - SW Tees not allowing nipple to be placed properly 

Defect causing skewed nipples when placing them on SW Tees when using the SPACEBAR or “L” for“Last Point” during placement has been fixed. 

TX-18027 - MISC-COMPONENT-RETURN-User Shape will not ISO Correctly 

Defect causing incorrect Isogen dimension call-out for MICS-COMPONENT-RETURN type user shapes has been fixed. 

TX-18231 - Thickness Table not Updating 

Defect preventing Wall Thickness changes in the catalog from getting pushed to the PRJ used in modeling environment has been fixed. 

TX-18236 - Support Variable Length Keywords 

Defect causing issues with variable length pipe supports when lowercase keywords are used instead of uppercase keywords has been fixed. 

TX-18239 - PIDVIEW palette keeps stating Live Database Not Active 

Enhancements have been made to PIDVIEW to update the “Live Database Not Active” message as soon as a CFG  file update has been made to establish the Live DB connections with the palette already open.   

TX-18401 - Update to support CADWorx 2017  model viewing 

Update has been made to support viewing CADWorx 2017  models in CADWorx 2016. Note that design work should always be done in a single version of CADWorx. 

TX-18444 - Pipe Support Custom Data in Data Tables 

Defect preventing custom data on Pipe Support data tables from attaching in the model in some cases has been fixed 

TX-17839 - Steel Elbow support not correct insertion point 

Defect making it difficult to update elbow support orientation has been fixed. 

TX-17841 - Pipe Supports missing XDATA 

Defect causing AuditDataOnStartup to identify Pipe Support as missing XDATA has been fixed. 

TX-17842 - Stretching pipe and component can make components disappear 

Jigging enhancements have been made to prevent geometry from showing only after command completion in some cases. 

TX-17857 – User Shape with  offset between conn. issue in assembly view 

Defect causing incorrect Assembly View geometry for User Shapes with offset between connections has been fixed. 

TX-17860 - Wrong Component inserted from SpecView Palette 

SPECVIEW mouse selection has been enhanced to prevent incorrect adjacent component from being selected when the SPECVIEW mouse click is right on the line between the adjacent component listings. 

TX-17871 - Placing LJF onto Stub causes Disconnect in Isogen

Defect causing Isogen disconnect under certain specific PJF placement workflows has been fixed. 

TX-17872 - Reducers placed at certain dimensions failed to VUE export 

Enhancements have been made to VUE export to support greater range of piping geometry. 

TX-17873 - Elbow Supports rotate when copied 

Defect causing elbow supports to rotate when copy-pasting them has been fixed. 

TX-17969 - Change Spec at Control Valve and Face of Flange 

Enhancements have been made to the CHANGESPEC command Manual mode to prevent components adjacent to a selected gasket from updating when not selected. 

TX-18072 - Blind flange 'Always inherit' rule not working 

Defect preventing blind flanges from inheriting adjacent component line number in some cases while the pipe rule is set to “Always Inherit” has been fixed. 

TX-18160 - CONVERTCADWORXLEGACYDWGS CMD will not update Short/Long Descriptions 

Defect preventing LD/SD from getting imported on CONVERTCADWORXLEGACYDWGS has been fixed. 

TX-18210 - CADWorx VUE exported to SmartPlant Review displays wrong units 

Enhancements have been made to VUE export to resolve issues when CADWorx unit base is different that unit base of other geometry in SPR. 

TX-18271 - Zoom for pipe support assembly editing can be improved 

Enhancements have been made to the ZOOM functionality when modeling pipe support assemblies.  

Whats New CADWorx Plant 2016 SP2 HF2 (

                    TX-18152 – Extra Dialog Windows

Debug prompts appearing when running the ISOGENOUT or IGO commands have been suppressed.

Whats New CADWorx Plant 2016 SP2 HF1 (

            TX-17321/TX-17571 – Unable to generate BOMEXPORT

Defect preventing BOMEXPORT when Existing components are included in the selection set has been fixed.

TX-17849 – CEDIT Dialog Box not closing

Close on ENTER is now again restored in the CEDIT dialog.

TX-17598 – Right Click copy no longer works in CEDIT dialog box

Right-click copy is now again supported on the CEDIT palette.

TX-16077 – OLET material selection by Header size instead of Branch size

OLET materials assigned to Specification level material assignment setup will now derive assignment from the OLET header size instead of branch size.

TX-17953 – CADWorx Palette state not saving between sessions

Palette docking or floating location and state is now saved between sessions.

TX-17541 – Issue synchronizing CADWorx Model from Access Database

Defect preventing LD/SD/TAG/PTN from synchronizing with an underlying Access database has been fixed.

Pipe weight is not updatable through DB SYNC, Documentation will be updated accordingly.

TX-17554 – BOM Export issue with Weld Gaps

Defect causing BOMEXPORT to fail when WeldGapsToDB option in Configuration Settings is set to ‘No’ has been fixed.

TX-17700 – BOM fails with non-Fabrication welds

Defect preventing BOMEXPORT on certain models with non-Fabrication/FFW welds has been fixed.

TX-17736 – Missing long descriptions after using AutoCAD Rotate command

Defect causing Long Descriptions to be removed when using AutoCAD rotate command has been fixed.

TX-17811 – OLET Description Fields not working

Custom Field use is now supported in OLET LD/SD/PTN/TAG schemas.

TX-17820 – Update wrapper for compatibility with 2017

CADWorx Plant 2016 wrapper update to be compatible with upcoming CADWorx Plant 2017 installations.

TX-17895 – Bolt Length TBL not updating

Bolt component LD will now update {LENGTH} keyword with bolt length is edited/updated.

Whats New CADWorx Plant 2016 SP2 (

TX-9154 - Cannot assign colors in the Layer Manager

Users can now use full range of AutoCAD color numbers in the Project-level Layer Manager.

TX-13938 - TPS metric-inch support for CWTPSPOSITION

Defect causing inaccurate elevation capture when using TPS in Mixed unit (Metric-Inch) environment has been fixed.

TX-15753 - I-Configure 2014 SW and THRD Tee's show one end as BW in ISO.

Out of the box (OOTB) specifications had Pipe component end-type set to BW table. This forces BW end-types into extracted isometrics displaying BW ends instead of THRD or SW engagement when connected to THRD/SW components. OOTB specs were updated to remove the BW association on pipe components so pipe end types on the extracted isometrics are driven by component connectivity instead.


Using the [P]revious option in AutoCAD selection command was not selecting all previous components.

TX-15869 - CADWorx crashing with restricted access

Defect causing program crash when user has read-only access to Program Files folder has been fixed.

TX-16085 - CW P&ID View not linking using SQL data base.

PIDVIEW now also supports SQL server.

TX-16126 - Russian letters in tips incorrect.

Russian dictionary file contained invalid characters/translations for some of the tooltips which have been corrected.

TX-16320 - Unable to create Loop Tables using SPLM

Loop Tables are now supported when using SPLM.

TX-16435 - Structural plate moves from the center line of T-Post during CEDIT of support

Defect causing structural plate components used in pipe support assemblies to shift position after CEDIT on the assembly has been fixed.

TX-16537 - Delete Drawing Command not consistent

Defect causing delete drawing prompt to be out of synch with drawing selection has been fixed.


Defect causing fatal error on CONVERTSOLID or CONVERTENHANCED when the applicable PRJ is not loaded has been fixed.

TX-16600 - Add parts for steel plates details text grayed out for plate length and width

UI for steel plate parts length and width in the pipe support modeler has been updated not to appear disabled.

TX-16614 - PCFIN not bringing flanges correctly

PCFIN has been enhanced to work with PCF files containing white lines (incorrect syntax).

TX-16615 - Nozzle Layout Angle should not affect Nozzle Ext Direction Angle

Defect causing Nozzle layout angle to adjust when Nozzle Extension Direction Angle value is set has been fixed.

TX-16616 - Weight Calculation for Bent Pipe is not correct

Discrepancy in weight calculation of Bent Pipe has been fixed.

TX-16618 - Spec Breaks being inserted incorrectly

Defect causing inaccurate spec breaks in some cases on isometric extraction has been fixed.

TX-16619 - CONVERTFROMPRJDATA changes end preps

Defect causing LD end prep suffixes in some cases to be altered when using CONVERTFROMPRJDATA has been fixed.

TX-16620 - CONVERTFROMPRJDATA not updating Components

Defect preventing CONVERTFROMPRJDATA to work when PRJ files have been renamed from when components were first modeled has been fixed.


Defect preventing CONVERTFROMPRJDATA and CHANGESPEC from updating certain union type components has been fixed.

TX-16622/TX-16643/TX-16915 - Legacy keywords not updating

Defect causing {LENGTH} keyword on nipples to get reset to {LENGTH} text when connecting to unions has been fixed.

TX-16624 - nozzle on nozzle w/ name change

Modifying Equipment names now cascades to nozzles on nozzles.

TX-16625 - Useful keyin commands no long available

MAIN, RED, SPEC keywords are now available in CADWorx Plant.

TX-16626 - TopWorks Mirror Issue

Defect preventing mirror option in TOPCHG command from applying has been fixed.

TX-16628 - The sketch in data table for Slip On flange is incorrect.

Slip-On component catalog thumbnail has been updated.

TX-16629 - Need to show the PENG variable for the THRD and SO flange sketches

THRD/SO flange component catalog thumbnail has been updated.

TX-16630 - Line Number drop down list not working

Defect causing line numbers to be hidden in the SPECVIEW line number dropdown in some cases has been fixed.

TX-16631 - 3D Graphics are detached from Centerline in CADWorx

Defect causing some cases of centerlines to be detached from component geometry has been fixed.

TX-16632 - Pipe Supports not showing when placed

Defect causing some user Pipe Support assemblies to be inserted as hidden until REGENERATEPIPESUPPORT was run has been fixed.

TX-16633 - Radius on bend still placed even if the radius is too large

Defect allowing bends being placed using the TUBE command even when the bend radius is smaller than the bend radius specified by the user has been fixed.

TX-16634 - CONVERTCADWORXLEGACYDWGS Crashes on Win8x64 ACAD 2015

Defect causing crash when running CONVERTCADWORXLEGACYDWGS on Windows 8/8.1 64-bit OS and AutoCAD 2015 has been fixed.

TX-16635 - Hard coded end preps in LD get deleted by mistake.

Defect causing end prep part of a component LD to be replaced when that end prep was specified in the specification, and also added during placement has been fixed.

TX-16636 - Centerline of Pipe Support does not move if part of Xref

Defect preventing XREF pipe support centerlines from being moved when the XREF itself is moved has been fixed.

TX-16637 - CONVERTFROMPRJDATA changes half coupling

Defect causing incorrect updates to half couplings when using CONVERTFROMPRJDATA has been fixed.

TX-16638 - Elbow-Let's not recalculating projection based on Elbow Type

Elbowlet projections are now calculated correctly for any radius elbow.

TX-16639 - Have CHANGESPEC look at rating also

Mating valve/flange rating is now considered when using CHANGESPEC when multiple flange options are available.

TX-16640 - CADWorx Restraints showing up in 2DREP

2DREP solids only option has been updated to eliminate 2D restraint symbols.

TX-16641 - Changes to List Type Custom Data not showing in Keyword Schema

Defect preventing Custom Field value overwrite in SPECVIEW from overwriting list type Custom Field values has been fixed.

TX-16642 - Spec View Palette not showing LD

Defect preventing DESC_DBCODE_TBL value from displaying if no Reduction size was set in the SPECVIEW palette has been fixed.

TX-16644 - Clash View Palette not ignoring Xref's

Defect preventing checkbox to ignore XREFs in the clash view palette has been fixed.

TX-16645 - Change Nip-O-Let Picture Description

Nip-O-Let component catalog thumbnail has been update.

TX-16646 - BOMEXPORT Accumulation for Mitered Elbows

Defect causing BOMEXPORT quantity for mitered elbows to instead display their length has been fixed.

TX-16647 - ISOGEN angle valve SKEY not connected correctly in isometric.

Angle valve SKEY can now be used with User Shapes.

TX-16648 - Add ability to attach Plant User Shapes to Equipment Nozzles

User shapes can now be attached easily to Equipment Nozzles.

TX-16649 - Unable to route SW piping

Specific user Project file preventing use of the router from SW pipe has been fixed.

TX-16650 - CONVERTFROMPRJDATA is changing components incorrectly

Issue with user provided specification for which bolts were incorrectly updated with


TX-16651 - DiscontinuityView does not detect all "Unconnected" flanges

DISCONTINUITYVIEW has been updated to list all “un-connected” flanges when using the “unconnected” option.

TX-16652 - Automatic bolts coming in on the wrong line number

Defect causing Automatic bolts to insert on the wrong line number when accompanying gasket sits at line number split has been fixed.

TX-16653 - Using Cut/Paste on component nozzle does not work

Defect preventing right-click cut/paste on Equipment nozzle has been fixed.

TX-16654 - ELEMENT component cause ISO discontinuity errors

Defect causing isometric extraction discontinuity errors when using ELEMENT components in a model has been fixed.

TX-16655 - REASSOCIATEMODEL Command breaks Skewed Piping

Defect where REASSOCIATEMODEL command causes ‘+’ grips at skewed pipe ends has been fixed.

TX-16656 - Usershapes losing Endtypes and causing disconnects in Isogen

Defect resulting in Isogen disconnects around User Shapes on particular user model has been fixed.

TX-16685 - Replace pipe support does not shows the available supports for added supports

REPLACEPIPESUPPORT command has been enhanced to dynamically update pipe support assembly listing when new support assemblies are added during the session.

TX-16703 - Generic Attach created cannot use "GCE" command

Defect causing unhandled exception when using GCE on generic attach components has been fixed.


Defect causing component list description for reducers to reflect Tee descriptions when Branch Table rule permits only Tee + Reducer at current main by branch size has been fixed.

TX-16744 - False Positive Command Line Error

False command prompt message indicating “Could not open project spec file” even when PRJ file was loaded fine has been removed.

TX-16784 - SKEY to be ignored when IDENTIFIER is PIPE

Isogen PIPE PCF component does not permit SKEY association. PCFOUT has been updated to ignore any SKEY association by PIPE accordingly.

TX-16794 - Gasket & Bolt weights not included in C2OUT component weight

Defect causing gasket/bolt weights to be omitted from C2OUT has been fixed.

TX-16795 - Weight listed in the Angle_Double_Sample.dat data table is multiplied twice

Defect causing data table weight for Double Angle being doubled on placement has been fixed.

TX-16809 - Continuation Graphic setting produces incorrect Isometrics

Issues with isometric extraction caused by continuation count considering weld components as part of the component count has been fixed.

TX-16828 - BOMEXPORT command unable to create output file

Defect preventing components with foot mark (‘) in custom field text from being exported using BOMEXPORT has been fixed.

TX-16850 - custom pipe support assembly stored in the model missing components weight

Defect preventing weight for custom pipe support components from being applied when the associated pipe support assembly is saved in the model only (not in library) has been fixed.

TX-16852 - Custom Data will not transfer to Database

Custom Field data is now exporting to SQL server DB as well.

TX-16859 - Pipe Support Assembly - Save to Model is not working

Defect preventing “Save to Model” on pipe support assemblies in some cases has been fixed.

TX-16861 - Pipe Support Assembly - Regen then Replace issue

Defect preventing REPLACEPIPESUPPORT command from executing against pipe support assemblies previously updated using the REGENERATEPIPESUPPORT command has been fixed.

TX-16877 - GCE on line number removes "existing" status on pipe component.

Defect causing “Existing” option to be disabled when GCE is used to change line number on a selection set containing both “Existing” and non-“Existing” components has been fixed.

TX-16978 – Unable to select components in CADWorx IP

Defect preventing attachments from showing when selecting components in CADWorx IP published off a project on SQL Server has been fixed.

TX-17143 - Long Description Changes & Resets

Defect causing manual in-model long description edits to be reset to their PRJ value under certain pipe component manipulations has been fixed.

Whats New CADWorx Plant 2016 SP1 HF1 (

TX-16508 - Slow XREF Processing

Optimized Steel Search to prevent full drawing content search each time drawing XREFs are updated.

TX-16402 - Crash when using SBOMTOTAL with Automatic Placement Option

Defect causing session crash when SBOMTOTAL command is executed with “Automatic Placement” 

option is fixed.

Whats New CADWorx Plant 2016 SP1 (

TX-15789 - Crash in Isogen out Dialog when you delete a project

Defect causing ISOGENOUT dialog to crash after deleting a Project from the I-Configure structure has been fixed.

TX-15831 - Topworks disappears after CHANGESIZE/CHANGESPEC, then save/reopen

Defect causing Topworks graphics to disappear in the model after running CHANGESIZE or CHANGESPEC commands on the parent valve components has been fixed.

TX-15839 - Metric/Inch units not selectable in CADWorx 2016 Equipment

Defect preventing Metric/Inch unit selection in CADWorx Equipment 2016 has been fixed.

TX-15840 - Rolled Pipe/SPIP Command not working

Defect preventing Rolled Pipe/SPIP command from executing has been fixed.

TX-15841 - 2016 Spec Editor Component EndType DataTable changes

Defect causing certain component end-type settings to be changed through the Spec Editor 2016 Update functionality has been fixed.

TX-15854 - SLS Graphic not showing up

Defect causing profile icon on Single Line Steel representations to be suppressed has been fixed.

TX-15855 - Spec Editor Connection Point Select Crash

Defect causing a crash when working in the Spec Editor 2016 and switching back and forth between multiple pipe support component connection point properties has been fixed.

TX-15563 - Isogen Continuation Settings and Isogen Batch

Defect with running Isogen Batch with Continuation Graphics enabled (not set to 0) causing elevation call-out discrepancies by certain o-let arrangements has been fixed.

TX-15639 - Pipe support long description legacy keywords not working such as {MAIN}

Defect preventing use of legacy keywords such as {MAIN} in Pipe Support LD/SD/TAG/PTN schema has been fixed.

TX-15792 - Isogen Continuation Messages on OLETs

Defect causing ISO continuation message call-out on one side of the drawing split around o-lets has been fixed.

TX-15842 - Copying HVAC components

Defect causing certain HVAC properties not to be copied when creating copies of those HVAC components in the model has been fixed.

TX-15843 - Metric_Inch Auto-Router

Defect causing scaling issue with the router compass when using Metric-Inch unit basis has been fixed.

TX-15844 - Steel BOM not working

Defect preventing use of steel BOM has been fixed.

TX-15845 – False disconnects showing in CADWorx 2016

Defect causing false disconnects when using the DISCONTINUITYVIEW palette has been fixed.

TX-15847 - Pipe Support stretch command not working correctly

Defect causing pipe support insertion orientation change when using stretch grip on elbow supports has been fixed.

TX-15863 - Co-ordinate axis does not show at 'BOP' even though routing mode set at 'BOP'

Defect causing small vertical offset when routing BOP based has been fixed.

TX-15870 - Fatal Error opening DWG in CADWorx 2016

Defect causing fatal error on some drawings from prior versions opened in CADWorx 2016 on AutoCAD 2016 has been fixed.

TX-15936 - 2016 Spec Editor Upgrade command sets incorrect Pipe Supp Alignment Vector

Defect causing Custom Pipe Support insertion orientation adjustment by 90 degrees when Upgrading prior version PRJ files using the 2016 Specification Editor has been fixed.

TX-15939 - Pipe Support Steel Detect not working when Steel moved

Defect causing Steel Detect to detect initial insertion elevation of Steel profiles after those Steel profiles have been moved using AutoCAD move command has been fixed.

TX-15948 - Original support moves to copied pipe line when we copy a pipe and CHANGESIZE

Defect when Pipe Support is moved from initial line to a different line causing it to change location back to the initial line after using the CHANGESIZE command on the new line has been fixed.

TX-15997 - Fatal Error when stretching coped steel

Defect causing fatal error when stretching coped steel with bolted connection has been fixed.

TX-16018 - Insulation Options on Pipe Supports are removed

Defect causing Pipe Support insulation options to be removed when using Save As to prior versions has been fixed.

TX-15741 - Ability to modify User Shape data fields in the Catalog

User Shape data table fields disabled in CADWorx Specification Editor 2016 user shape data tables have been enabled for user edit.

TX-15846 - Version Number for User Shape Data Table

User Shape data table version number now matches spec version number instead of being set to zero (0) previously

TX-15883 - BWFC.dll missing from Install, needed for PODGraphicsProcessor

BWFC.dll has been copied to the PODGraphicsProcessor.exe folder to support the use of the Isogen PODGraphicsProcessor.

TX-15891 - PRJ reloading message in Command Line

Defect causing unnecessary PRJ reloading when the Pipe Support palette was open and docked has been fixed.

TX-15970 - OAL message appearing on PRJ, not fixed by Spec Editor 2016 Save

Spec Editor has been updated to resolve PRJ files with OAL prompt. After saving the PRJ file in the updated Specification Editor, no further prompt will be issued on subsequent PRJ open.

TX-15974 - Supports are installing in incorrect direction on tubes modelled by 3DPOLY

Defect causing pipe supports orientation to be incorrect when placed on a 3DPOLY TUBE has been fixed.

TX-15940 - Pipe Support Components access to PIPEOD, PIPEID, PIPETHK, PIPESIZE

Pipe support components requiring connection point offset references using Pipe OD/ID/Wall Thickness/NPS can now use the PIPEOD, PIPEID, PIPETHK, PIPESIZE keywords respectively in the connection point fields.

TX-16115 - Bolts are not showing up correctly

Equipment nozzle search automation has been improved to address condition under which bolts would not place on equipment nozzles when the nozzle data point was not correctly selected.

TX-16163 - Unable to generate C2 out model in CADWorx 2016 plant

Defect preventing C2OUT on models containing invalid characters in the component SD has been fixed.

TX-16312 - Implement Isogen Fix – False Positive

Isogen Utility.dll causing false positive on ESET virus scan updated to clear the false positive. Updated to the latest version of Personal Isogen.

TX-16320 - Unable to create Loop Tables using SPLM

Defect preventing P&ID loop module from loading on SPLM licensing has been fixed.

TX-15676 - 2016 CADWorx P&ID Basic will use a P&ID Pro license using SPLM

Defect preventing P&ID to run on P&ID Basic license using SPLM has been fixed.

TX-13740 - Custom Topworks will not 2DREP if the valves HUBOD is set to 0

Custom Topworks has been enhanced so it will now render in 2DREP even with HUBOD set to 0.

TX-16349 - Custom Topworks issue with Zoom > Extents in Realistic mode (and others)

Issue with Zoom Extents on models with custom topworks in realistic view mode has been fixed.

CADWorx 2016 Release Notes: Version 2016 (

Items added or updated with CADWorx Plant Professional 2016 Software:

  • You can manage control over specific configuration settings, piping rules, and  miscellaneous settings through the CADWorx Plant Setup dialog box. Local user references control any settings that the configuration file does not contain. For more information, see CADWorx Plant Setup Dialog Box in Setup, Configuration Settings, Piping Rules, and Miscellaneous CFG content.

  • You can update the length of components that contain variable lengths with the Variable Component Length Assignment Rule. For more information, see Variable Component Length Assignment.

  • You can control when components in a drawing update if that drawing has incompatible components with the Incompatible Component Actions rule. You cannot change the data or update any incompatible component in a drawing. You can only update components compatible with the current version being used. For more information, see Incompatible Component Actions.

  • You can place Location Points in the drawing with Isogen Supplemental.

  • You can turn updates on or off for Variable Component Length and for Topworks in the Apply Change Data Rule.

  • You can set the SKEY for a selected OTAP with the SETOTAPSKEY command. 

  • Upgraded the Setup_Profile utility to provide access to all CADWorx modules installed on your machine, and allow you to modify the AutoCAD Vertical Product and Version to which CADWorx deploys. 

  • You can define end types and Isogen symbols by connection point in user shapes. 

  • Updated specification component architecture to support any end-type combination for any component added to your specification. Previously, unsupported end-type combinations for particular components such as THRDxTHRD Relief Valves, mixed end-type Unions, and Clamped end-type components cause a ProgramCode 0000 condition, preventing placement of these components. This enhancement now supports any combination needed.

  • You can edit the properties of pipe support assemblies and the pipe support parts by using the CEDIT command or double-clicking a pipe support. 

  • You can create pipe support assemblies in your drawing and save them to the drawing, a project, or a pipe support libraries file.

  • New dialog boxes provide additional control on Isogen drawings output: 
    • View Extraction dialog box 
    • Collect Data dialog box 
  • You can launch I-Configure and the Symbol Editor from the Isogen Panel. 
  • Enhanced the formatting of spool, weld, and mark numbers going out to and returning from Isogen  and .pcf file when you use the Repeatability functionality. Previously, the software removed  leading zeros on Isogen out, and Isogen style prefix formatting on the way back into CADWorx when using the Repeatability functionality. This enhancement removes these limitations. 
  • You can run Bill of Material schedules on pipe supports. Use the following commands: PSCBOMSETUP,  PSCBOMCUT, PSCBOMTOTAL, PSCBOMSINGLE, PSCBOMEXPORT, and PSCBOMDELETE.
  • Combined the Pipe Support Report with the Pipe Support Bill of Material Export. 
  • You can view Quick Start Videos from the CADWorx Plant menu. Click Plant > Quick Start Videos. 
  • CADWorx Plant now supports usage of AutoCAD Associative Dimensioning on CADWorx component geometry. 
  • You can route sloped pipe using the centerline distance or the projected distance. 

New Features in CADWorx Plant 2015 SP1 HF1 

Fixed C2OUT Pipe Diameter as 1" with Commas

If you used commas as a decimal mark in the computer number format, and then ran System Out in CADWorx to review piping in CAESAR II, the diameter came out as 1-inch piping regardless of the actual diameter in the CADWorx model. CADWorx 2015 SP1 Hot Fix 1 fixes this issue and pipe diameters export from CADWorx to CAESAR II correctly.

Fixed Isogen Output of Generic Attach

If you placed more than one Generic Attach item on a line, and then ran IGO or IGB, the last item would not export correctly. This issue is fixed in the CADWorx 2015 SP1 Hot Fix 1.

New Features in CADWorx Plant 2015 SP1

· Export CADWorx models to VUE format.

New Features in CADWorx Spec Editor 2015 SP1

· Improved the import of the Smart Plant Reference Data specifications. This improvement includes placing the Ident,Short, and Option codes in the specification.

· When SPRD specifications include the unit basis applicable to the specification contents, then the CADWorx Specification Editor SPRD import automatically sets the conversion units accordingly. SPRD specification unit basis was not previously available in the SPRD specification files. Previously, you were required to specify the unit basis for the conversion manually. The SPRD import now only requires you to specify the unit basis when the SPRD specification source file does not contain the relevant unit details.

· Improved instructions for displaying the bolt length and bolt diameter part numbers in CADWorx. These instructions detail a workflow from the catalog, to the project, and then to the drawing. This allows you to display the part numbering of the bolt lengths and the bolt diameters.

New Features in CADWorx fieldPipe 2015


· Stakeout performs verification of objects in the drawing with Seek and Check when using the instrument.

· fieldPipe commands display on the command line.

· Leica Cyclone 9 is available on the fieldPipe installation DVD.

· Redesigned the Setup tab in the CADWorx fieldPipe – TPS Interface palette for the new Seek and Check feature.

· Updated the TPS Settings dialog box and moved the rotate and communication information to the Advanced Settings dialog box. The TPS Settings dialog box enables you to determine when coordinates or points display in the drawing.

· Enhanced flange control on the Flange tab in the CADWorx fieldPipe – TPS Interface palette. Flange control provides better plane accuracy, bolt hole measurement with the ability to locate an unlimited number of bolts, and options for radial and longitudinal offsets when using survey devices with the instrument.


CADWorx Plant Professional 2015 Hot Fix 1

Optimized Performance for LiveDB SYNC

Improved the database sync performance when running LiveDB (live database).

Fixed Legacy Keywords in Description Schemas

Resolved issues with legacy keywords in the description schemas, including instances where keywords
displayed as {0} in the long description. Now, the legacy keywords in the description schemas
display properly.

Fixed Legacy Keyword Rounding

Revised the legacy keyword rounding for consistency in decimal places with what was specified in
the documentation.

Fixed the Specification Editor Size Range List Synchronization

Fixed the synchronization of the Size Range list in the Specification Editor New and Edit Component
pane with the data table of the selected component. Previously, the list only updated if you
selected the Data Table Update Only check box.

Revised the OAL Handling of Modeling Router

Resolved issues where the modeling router did not consider changes made to the OAL of a special
end type component.



CADWorx 2015 Release Notes

Apply Change Data Rule Updates

· You can turn updates on or off for Layer/color in the Apply Change Data Rule. You can change the updates in the Pipe Rules section of the CADWorx Plant Setup.

Male and Female Threaded Needle Valves

· You can create threaded needle valves with male threaded by female threaded ends.

Routing Mitered Elbows

· You can route mitered elbows using the Miter Elbow Buttweld elbow type or from the component List. Make sure your specification has a Mitered elbow, clickRoute, and then select elBow type on the command line to receive the Mitered Elbow Buttweld option.

Cross or Tee with Reducer

· You can now insert a cross and a tee with reducers. The software bases the size of the component on the connected branch of the other component. Use theBranch tab to set the Straight Tee/Cross + Reducer option. Then, set the Apply Branch Table Rule toAutomatic for CADWorx to check the branch table and provide the Cross + Reducer and Tee + Reducer options.

Skewed Piping

· You can create skewed piping and set a maximum angle for the skew with the Apply Skew Pipe Maximum Angle rule. Set the Apply Skew Pipe Maximum Angle rule in the Piping Rules of the CADWorx Plant Setup. The setting you set here determines the maximum angle allowed when drawing a skewed pipe. Click Route, and then select sKew on the command line to draw a skewed pipe.

ISOGEN Configuration Panel

· You can use the ISOGEN Configuration Panel in I-Configure.

Override Custom Data

· You can type a value in Default Value of the Custom Data tab in the CADWorx Spec View palette to override the custom data from the Specification Editor. If you set up custom data with the List option, you can select an item from the Default Value to apply it as an override.

Select List of Custom Data

· You can select from a list of items when editing custom data in the Component Custom Data dialog box accessed in the Component Edit dialog box. You can also do the same in the Custom Data dialog box accessed in the Global CEdit dialog box. To accomplish this, you must create custom data using the new List option available in the Specification Editor.

Short Description for Material List

· When setting up a user defined material list in the ISOGEN Configuration panel, you can now use the attribute name -80 to display the short description column with text wrapping when running ISOGEN Out.

Curved Piping ISOGEN

· You can generate isometric drawings for curved piping by setting the Threshold in ISOGEN Configuration to greater than 0. Generate these drawings by creating an adjustable bend, setting the ISOGEN Data dialog box SKEY to PB** (** designates a valid ISOGEN end type), and then running ISOGEN Out or ISOGEN Batch.

SYSVIS Updates for Taps

· You can turn visibility of TAPs on or off in the system layer with the SYSVIS command.

Swage End Type Descriptions

· The software allows descriptions of end types for swages. Set the PipeDescriptionCat variable to 1, 2, 5, or 6 for swage end types to display on the long description.

Change Size Updates for Tees

· You have more options when you use CHANGESIZE to change the size of a tee.

O-Lets on Tangents

· You can insert O-Lets on the tangent of a bend or an elbow.

Moving Components

· You can move and connect Socket and Threaded components to straight buttweld components. The software automatically deletes all extra welds.

Copy Nozzle Generic Attach

· You can now copy the nozzle generic attachments with the applied xdata.

Custom Data in MSSQL database

· The software now includes the custom data fields in the MSSQL database.

Deletion of Steel Components in Database

· You can delete all components or not delete all components with SDBAUDIT.

Repeatability Return in Isogen Configuration Panel

· You can now enable the Repeatability return report in the I-Configure ISOGEN Configuration Panel. This feature was controlled by the RepeatFile option in the previous version of I-Configure. Enabling the repeatability report defines start and split locations for consecutive ISOGEN outputs. Set the ISOGENSetting variable to control the import of the repeat file data. The number of sheets then adds to the ISOGEN Data dialog box.

CAESAR II 2014 Compatibility

· You can use CAESAR II 2014 when exporting a CADWorx model to CAESAR II. Set the version of CAESAR II in the CAESARIIVersionvariable.

CADWorx 2015 Specification Editor Enhancements 

Bolt Part Numbering

· You can add bolt length tables and bolt diameter tables to the Size Tables folder using the options Add Bolt Diameter Table andAdd Bolt Length Table. To set the part numbering in the Specification, select the bolt length and bolt diameter tables in theSpecification Properties.

End Prep Part Numbering

· You can add end prep tables to the Miscellaneous folder with End Prep Table on the Add Table panel. To set the part numbering for end prep, select the end prep table in theSpecification Properties.

ISOGEN Symbol End Types

· You can select the ISOGEN symbol for end types in the New and Edit Component Pane.

Added New Schemas in Descriptions

· You can use the index code table fields, the OD_RED_SIZ_TBL, and the DESCRIPTION_CMP_TBL schemas in your long, short, tag, and part number description formats.

Select List for Custom Data

· You can create a pull-down list of items for custom data.

Multiple Rating and Classes

· You can add Component Class, Temperature Rating, and Pressure Ratings for Start, End, Branch 1, and Branch 2 end points for components.

AutoCAD Plant 3D Import Improvements

· Improved the import of the AutoCAD Plant 3D specifications and catalogs.



CADWorx Plant Professional 2014 SP1 Release

ISOGEN Continuation Graphics

·  You can now view continuation graphics when running ISOGEN. Set the ISOGENContinuation GraphicsCount variable to value from 0 – 3 for the amount of continuation graphics you want to view when running ISOGEN.

Nozzle Generic Attach

·  You can now draw a generic nozzle image to position where a nozzle might appear in the drawing with the Nozzle Generic Attach command. The command added required intelligence of nozzle attachments to improve the overall application of the option. You are able to route from this nozzle for ease of use. This new drawing also registers in ISO drawings.

Alphanumeric Characters in ISOGEN Spool, Mark, and Sheet Number

·  You can now use alphnumeric characters in the spool, mark, and sheet number in the ISOGEN Data dialog box.

Spec Editor Enhancements

·  Attach or Detach Custom Data on a model

·  You can now turn your custom data on and off using the Attach Field to Components check box in the New Field dialog box. This functionality allows for the data you create to not display in your model, BOM, or database. This functionality gives you full autonomy over your custom data information.



CADWorx Plant Professional 2014 Release

Dynamic Pipe Supports

·  You can now use dynamic pipe supports in CADWorx. This functionality is intelligent and allows you to change pipe supports in the drawing with either a plus grip; or by using the Replace Pipe Support option. You can also now create tee supports. All functionality for creation of supports and data has been moved to the Spec Editor.

Center of Gravity Consolidation

·  You can now use a single dialog box to perform and receive center of gravity (COG) calculations for all components. In the newly consolidated COG dialog box, all items are calculated and the software generates a report listing each component with a total weight and COG location. You can add additional COG points to the model to accommodate the non-CADWorx objects as well.

Enhanced Bolt, Gasket, and Weld Displays

·  You can now view enhanced views of bolts, gaskets, and welds for better real world displays of a model.

Branch Component to a Reducer with a Grip

·  You can now route a branch off of a reducer with the newly added routing plus grip. This accommodates vent drains and instrument taps.

CADWorx 2014-to-CAESAR II 2013 Capabilities

·  You can now use CADWorx 2014 to interface with CAESAR II 2013 for your workflow projects. The interface was improved to include the latest release of CAESAR II.

Custom User Field Enhancements

·  You can now add Custom Data in the Specification Editor to all tables and to all project information. This information can then be seen in many areas of the software, including the following:


·  Live Database

·  Bill of Material

·  Filter in line isolate

New Line Isolate Enhancements

·  You can now use the line isolation feature to invert a selected isolation, as well as to create filtering schemes using the Line View Isolation Properties Manager. With this manager, you can create specific isolation schemes and save them for later use. You can assign a new Configuration Setting,LineViewIsolationSettingsFile, to use one of these filtering scheme files as a default for the drawing.

ISOGEN Repeatability

·  You can enable the RepeatFile feature in I-Configure or Project Manager to have CADWorx retain the original numbering for BOM, welds, and sheets when running an Isometric drawing. When modifications are made, the repeatability feature enables CADWorx to output the same drawing as previous with the modifications added.


·  OrthoGen for CADWorx is a new offering from Intergraph. You can now generate the orthographic drawing based on a configuration selection directly inside of CADWorx with the click of an icon.

Apply O-let Minimum Spacing Rule

·  You can now apply a new rule in CADWorx to control the placement of O-lets and Couplings preventing the overlap of welds.

Generic Attach Enhancements

·  You can now define the Bill of Material (BOM) mark point and the Center of Gravity (COG) location after running a Generic Attach.

Generic Attach for Nozzles

·  You can now add required intelligence to any position in a CADWorx model using the Nozzle Generic Attach feature.

Changes Review for Database

·  You can now specify to have information that changed in a database highlighted on the model when you synchronize the model by setting the SyncOnStartUp variable in Configuration Settings to Synchronize With Changes Review. This functionality simplifies the approval and review of changed data.

Spec Editor Enhancements

Formulas in the User Fields

·  You can now use formulas within the catalog in CADWorx 2014 user fields.

Import and Export LD, SD, TAG, PN Schemas

·  You can now save and reuse schemas for Long Descriptions, Short Descriptions, Tags, and Part Numbers using the new Import and Export features that appear within dialog boxes.

Component-Level LD, SD, TAG, and PN Descriptions

·  You can now add descriptions down to the component level.

Custom User Field Enhancements

·  You can now add Custom Data in the Specification Editor to all tables and to all project information. This is significant in that now custom data can be added at the component level.

·  Import SmartPlant Reference Data Specs

·  You can now import Smart Plant Reference Data specification and use them directly in CADWorx 2014. This functionality allows you to develop projects with Smart Plant, PDS, or CADWorx, and use the same specifications. Create catalogs for these specifications upon import of the specifications.

·  DBCODES table with Index added to Catalog Editor

·  You can now create new DBCodes and IndexCodes, as well as import existing DAT files. Add these codes to any Part Number Schema.

Copy Records from Specifications

·  You can now copy component records from one specification to another or within the same specification. Use this copy/paste feature to save time by producing one record and then copying it to all specifications necessary.



CADWorx Plant Professional 2013 R2 Release

Description: Version 2013 R2 (13.2)
Convert Legacy Models

·  As a user you are able to take legacy models from before 2013 and convert them using the Convert Legacy utility. The functionality is intelligent and allows the user to set the system to automatically change the model or to prompt you for the changes.

Review Legacy Components

·  As a user you are able review your model for legacy components by use of the REVIEWLEGACYCOMPONENTS command. This enhancement allows for CADWorx components to be viewed in the drawing and listed in the Find Legacy Components dialog box based on your choice of search method.

Apply Auto Coupling Rule

·  Provides the availability to automatically add couplings between components. You can set a few options in the piping rule such as for pipe breaks only or to prompt you for insertion of couplings during modeling.

Apply Line Number Rule

·  It is now possible to have CADWorx automatically check the line number of another line when inserting a new component. This piping rule works in conjunction with the Line Number System Setup. You can have your components always inherit the line number of a line or prompt you for options.

Apply Change Data Rule

·  With this piping rule it is possible to have CADWorx automatically update specific items when using the Change Spec, Change Size, or automatic update of data options. Data can either be updated automatically or by a system of prompts. Such items that can be updated or not are Short Description, Tag, and Alpha Size.

Import AutoCAD Plant 3D data and specification

·  If you use AutoCAD Plant 3D data and specification you are now able to transfer this data into CADWorx. The option Import AutoCAD Plant 3D Data and Import AutoCAD Plant 3D Specs in the Specification Editor enables you to use all your AutoCAD Plant 3D specs and catalog information in CADWorx.

Review Update

·  When working between catalogs and project in the Specification Editor it is now possible to review an update before accepting the information. This option provides you the ability to change the Source ID and the Source Table Name for the updating information.

Enhanced setup of Formats for components

·  Short Description and Tag formats can now be setup using the Specification Editor. This enables you to decide what your short descriptions and tags read based on a preselected format.

Enhancement of legacy importation

·  With the Import by Spec option you now have the ability to select the DAT file for legacy imports. This associates the DAT file part numbers with related components imported through a custom component field named USER_PART_NUMBER.



Items added or updated with CADWorx Plant Professional 2013 R1 Release

Description: Version 2013 R1 (13.1)
Convert from Project Data

·  As a user you are able to select make changes to an existing specification in the Specification Editor and then update those changes to an existing component in a drawing. This functionality will be intelligent and allow the user to select specific components to change.


·  As a user you are able to turn the CADWorx components in a drawing into AutoCAD 3D solids with xdata included. This enhancement allows for CADWorx components to be used as regular AutoCAD components.

Edit an Assembly Path

·  The availability to change the folder location of an assembly is an enhancement that enables the user to change where an assembly is stored. This folder can be any location on the user’s computer without restrictions.

Edit a Usershape by redefining the connection points

·  It is now possible to redefine connection points on a user shape. If a user shape has been created but you need it to be entered from a different direction or angle you are able to use the EDITUSERSHAPE command to change the connection points.

Draw Single pipe components with new commands

·  With the PIPW1 for buttweld, PIPF1 for socketweld and threaded, and PIPFL1 for flanged pipe to draw a single pipe component. These commands make it easier to add a single piece of a pipe to a routed section of pipe.

Reload Specification

·  When making changes to the specification it is now easier to reload the file to work with the updated data. All that you need to do is either click the refresh button on the Spec View palette or click Reload File in the Setup Size and Specification dialog.

Reload Assembly Global Files

·  As a user you can now reload a global file for an assembly by right clicking and select the Reload Global File option. This enhancement allows you to reload a file that has been changed.

Import AutoPLANT Data in the Spec Editor

·  If you use AutoPLANT Data you are now able to transfer this data into CADWorx. The option Import AutoPLANT Data in the Specification Editor enables you to use all your AutoPLANT specs and catalog information and convert them to CADWorx component data.

Export Project or Catalog Data to Text or Excel

·  This new enhancement enables the user to export project or catalog data for Quality Assurance and Quality control to have a hard copy of the specification exported. It makes for easier changes to data since you now have a hard copy of the original spec in case you copy the information back to the new spec.

Find and replace text in a project

·  There is now the ability to find and replace text when working in a project in the Specification Editor. This option enables you to be able to search for any text located within the project. The text found is highlighted in yellow based on whether you selected the Long Description, Short Description, or Tag check boxes. Only editable data can be replaced.

Existing functionality is kept

·  All the existing functionality of CADWorx 2013 is kept in place so the learning curve for CADWorx 2013 R1 will be minimal. All of the palettes will still exist although some are enhanced to address the new functionality.

·  Current interfaces to CAESAR II, ISOGEN and PV Elite have been kept.

·  Design Review can now view published Smart Plant Review VUE files as well as the CADWorx 2013 models.



CADWorx Plant Professional 2013 Release

Description: Version 2013 (13.0)
Change Size or Spec

·  To be able to select an existing line and ask the program to change the size or specification of a line and have all the components change automatically has been requested by users for a long time. This functionality will be intelligent and allow the user to select either the line or specific components to change.

·  It will know if a reduction is needed, or if a line needs to be moved and allow the user to make the appropriate decision to accomplish the desired change.

Auto Routing

·  As a user routes a line through the model the program will place the appropriate components required. The user has the ability to add branches, inline components, and sub assemblies as they route the line.

·  There is also the ability to have the program automatically route a line between two points in space. The user can choose which one of the various routing options best meets their design needs.

New and Enhanced Catalog of Components (old DAT Files)

·  The component catalog has been developed to better manage the vast amount of data needed in the design of piping systems. The catalog is divided into three separate catalog groups any one of which can be used. The global catalog contains all components. The industry catalog contains a subset of the global catalog. The company catalog contains a subset of the industry catalog. Each of these can be edited by the user to add or change the component data. As the user creates their company standard catalog components are copied from the appropriate industry catalog. They can have any number of catalogs defined.

·  The catalogs contain three key data types. The first is always required and is used to represent the components graphically. The second type is called enhanced data and is used to allow the representation of components in an enhanced state. The third is for user data and is open to allow for specific user information to be added and used as non graphical information. Each of these types is editable by the user as needed.

·  The data fields can contain formulas as well as variables to enhance the data needed.

New and Enhanced Specifications

·  The specifications for a project will be stored in a single database file called a project spec. This file will contain all the specifications needed for a single project. It will contain all the data from the catalog for each component selected. It will also allow the easier transport of project specifications between users. This will allow a company to have a single file containing all their standard specifications for easier management of standards.

·  The specifications will contain a rules section that will allow the user to specify how the piping systems work together. The rules section will contain a branch table that can be used to restrict the use of various branch components. The branch table will be used for Auto Routing as well. These rules can be turned on or off as needed.

·  For each specification there are several global fields that the user can fill to capture different requirements. The user also has the ability to set the layer, color, and linetype attributes if desired. Visual effects are also included in the specification which allows for different specifications to be represented in different ways such as single line to solid, standard to enhanced mode, and etc.

Minimum and Maximum Pipe Lengths

·  There are data fields in the catalogs and specs that allow the user to set a minimum and or maximum pipe length. These lengths will be used with the piping rules to restrict the lengths of pipes used. If the length is too short it will not allow it to be placed. If it is longer than the maximum then another pipe will be added.

Self Aware Components

·  Each of the components will know what other components it is attached to and keep these connections as it is moved. The user can move any component and the attached components will move with it. If the user moves a component and the attached components need to change orientation they will automatically change.

Piping Rules

·  There are many piping rules that can be set to auto, manual, or off. These rules control many aspects of the piping system including branches, connection types, pipe lengths, and how the piping system reacts to changes. The user can select which rules to allow and which to ignore.

Enhanced Settings

·  There are many new settings which enhances the ability to control the operations of the model.

·  Some of these settings include the ability to control the addition of flanges to valve sets, automatically change spec and size to the attaching piping, control the visual representation of the piping from single line to solids.

New component attributes

·  New component attributes are available to allow for the control of components individually.

·  These include representation such as single line to solid, standard mode to enhanced mode, as well as control of the layers, colors and if appropriate linetypes.

Import of previous data

·  Both the data files and the specifications from previous versions of CADWorx can be imported and used. Because the new catalog and specifications contain new and enhanced data, the user will have to add some additional data to make it totally compatible.

Existing functionality is kept

·  All the existing functionality of CADWorx 2012 is kept in place so the learning curve for CADWorx 2013 will be minimal. All of the palettes will still exist although some are enhanced to address the new functionality.

·  Current interfaces to CAESAR II, ISOGEN and PV Elite have been kept.

·  Design Review can now view published Smart Plant Review VUE files as well as the CADWorx 2013 models.



CADWorx Plant Professional 2012 R1/ CADWorx Plant 2012 R1 Release

Version 2012 R1 (12.1)

·  Added support for CIS/2 export/import from 64 bit.

·  Added support for AutoCAD 2012 (32 bit / 64 bit).


CADWorx Plant Professional 2010 / CADWorx Plant 2010 Release


·  Added command PIPESUPPORTVIEW to start the Pipe Support Modeler palette. The palate provides numerous options to insert intelligent pipe and elbow supports. PipeSupportSetting configuration variable will control the layer the support component is placed on.

·  Added command DISCONTINUITYVIEW to start the Discontinuity View palette. The palate provides numerous options to locate disconnected and overlapped components.

·  Added command PIPESUPPORTREPORT to export pipe support bill of material data to an external file.

·  Added spec and data files based on the German (DIN) Standard.

·  Added spec and data files based on the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)

·  Added spec and data files based on the Japanese (JIS) Standard.

·  Added command VIEWEDITALL to quickly access all View Boxes that are present in the model drawing.

·  Updated XREF drawing processing features to use data from XREFs that are inserted with a rotation. Previous versions ignored XREFs that were rotated.

·  Updated user shape component length calculation to be based on the first two connection points.

·  Updated SPECCHG command to change the bolt length based on the length set in the data file.

·  Updated swage component to save the end conditions that are entered when the component is first drawn in the model. These saved end conditions will be appended to the long description during a spec change.

·  Updated Spec Change command to save a log file off description changes done to each individual component.

·  Updated PIPESUPPORTVIEW inserted supports to use the DBCodes.dat file settings from the specification file.

·  Updated PIPESUPPORTVIEW inserted elbow supports to include bottom and top of pipe (BOP / TOP) insert options.

·  Updated PIPESUPPORTVIEW detect steel to work with steel from XREF drawings.

·  Updated eccentric reducer component to prevent drawing corruption issues when using AutoCAD 2010 and saving the drawing down to an AutoCAD 2007 DWG format.


·  Added functionality to export insulation symbol to the isometric drawing (From the Plant menu -> Accessory -> ISOGEN -> ISOGEN Supplemental).

·  Added support for I-Configure created ISOGEN projects. The I-Configure install is located under the CADWorx install directory at: ..\CADWorx\ISOGEN\

·  Added ISOGENDefaultStyle to the configuration file. This variable sets the default ISOGEN style used by ISOGENOUT and ISOGENBATCH.

·  Added support for the export of Miter pipe component.

·  Use ISOGEN Data Dialog to set the miter pipe export options.

·  Added a new Select button to the ISOGENOUT dialog. This button will allow the selection of ISOGEN style from a common network directory without having to setup Project Manager or I-Configure locally on each workstation. The last style used also becomes the default for ISOGENBATCH command.

·  Added a new Project Data button to the ISOGENSETTINGS dialog to start the ISOGEN Project Data Setup dialog. This dialog will allow setting position text (POS) that can be displayed on the isometric drawing file.

·  Added functionality to export break in points (tie in points) to the isometric drawing (From the Plant menu -> Accessory -> ISOGEN -> ISOGEN Supplemental).

·  Updated to ISOGEN Version 9.3.

·  Updated the pipe support and top works direction calculations to account for a different North direction setting from ISOGENSETTINGS dialog.


·  Added new shapes: Double Angle, Z shape, Channel with Lip, Angle with Lip

·  Added command SGCEDITALL. This command will allow global changes to steel shapes selected.

·  Added export to CIS/2 format with the SEXPORT command (32 bit only).

·  Added command SIMPORT. This command will import a CIS/2 file (32 bit only).

·  Added command SDBFIN. This command will import steel components from a database that was created with a Live Database or SDBFGEN features.

·  Added command SLSSHOWPALETTE to start the Steel Drawing Manager palette. The palette provides features to generate steel single line drawings (CADWorx Plant Professional Only).

·  Added command BTSHAPE to draw bolt shape.

·  Updated the SUSER dialog with an improved user interface.

·  Updated plate component with additional curved plate options.

·  Updated command SGENERIC with a new dialog interface.

HVAC and Cable Tray

·  Added command HDBFGEN to export HVAC component to a database.

·  Added command HDBFIN. This command will import HVAC components from a database that was created with a HDBFGEN feature.

·  Added command HVACC to draw HVAC shapes from catalog data files.

·  Added command HUSER to draw custom HVAC shapes.

·  Added command HGENERIC. This command will attached CADWorx HVAC data to any AutoCAD entity. This generic component can then be export to the bill of materials.

·  Added support for AutoCAD 2011 (32 bit / 64 bit), AutoCAD 2010 (32 bit / 64 bit), AutoCAD 2009 (64 bit), AutoCAD 2008 (64 bit)

·  Added support for Windows 7 (32 bit / 64 bit)


CADWorx Plant Professional 2009 / CADWorx Plant 2009 Release


·  Added Top Works feature to valves. Any valve entry in the specification file can have a parametric top works data file associated with it. At the end of the valve draw, an option will be given to locate the top works on the valve. TopWorksSetting configuration variable will control the layer the top works is placed on.

·  Added command TOPWORKSCHANGE to change the orientation of top works already associated with a valve.

·  Added command TOPWORKSADD to add top works to a valve already drawn in the model.

·  Added command INSULATIONVIEW to start the Insulation View palette. The Insulation View palette provides options to add intelligent insulation to components.

·  Updated SPECCHG command to automatically process keywords from the new specification file.

·  Updated SPECCHG command to process the size selection setting from the new specification file.

·  Updated PipeDescriptionCat configuration variable. Added setting of 3 and 4 which will control adding of end conditions to pipe and nipple components.

·  Updated the OTAP, TAP, and STOPSIGN to work with the LayerByLineNumber setting from the current configuration file.

·  Updated Alpha Size string format routines to ignore the AutoCAD UNITMODE setting. An incorrect UNITMODE setting of 1 added unnecessary dashes to the Keywords such as {MAINACT} and {REDACT}

·  Updated threaded and socket-weld relief valves to read the correct data file column for weight.

·  Updated 2DREP layer processing features. 2DREP now ignores any component from Blocks/XREFs that are on a frozen layer.

·  Updated 2DREP to ignore invisible components from Blocks/XREFs.

·  Updated 2DREP to ignore all entities in paper space except view ports.

·  Updated Spec Edit dialog component organization. Previously all special end type components were located in one category. Special end type components have now been moved to more appropriate categories within the Spec Edit dialog.

·  Updated Clash feature to import clash status and layer data from XREF drawings to the master base drawings. This setting is controlled from the Clash Options dialog.

·  Updated VIEWBOX by adding an isolate option. This option will hide all entities outside the parameters of the box.

·  Updated Insulation View options to allow insulation to be entered in millimeter when working in mixed mode drawings (imperial pipe size / metric dimensions).

·  Updated Insulation View reporting to include exporting a report by line number or size.

·  Updated top works insertion routines to allow the use of multiple viewports.


·  Added the option to set ISOGEN SKEY and Component Identifier from the specification file.

·  Added command ISOGENSTARTPT which will insert a block into the drawing to be processed by the ISOGENOUT and ISOGENBATCH commands. The block defines which open end of the pipeline the isometric should start from. The insert point of the block must be at the extreme end point of all the components that are to be exported to ISOGEN. If using ISOGENBATCH, only one start point should be set per line number. If using ISOGENOUT, only one start point should be selected.

·  Added a mark edit box to the ISOGEN Data dialog. This field can be used to set the mark number for a component in the ISOGEN isometrics. Added command BOMMARKS to automatically assign ISOGEN marks based on the CADWorx BOM sort and accumulation settings.

·  Added DimensionsExistingISOGEN to the configuration file. This variable controls dimensioning of existing components in the ISOGEN isometrics.

·  Added a dimension status edit box to the ISOGEN Data dialog. This field can be used to control the dimensioning of individual components.

·  Added ICEDIT command to display the ISOGEN Data dialog directly without using the CEdit dialog ISOGEN button.

·  Updated ISOGENBATCH to export line number continuation information for lines that are connected using the OTAP component. For continuation information to be exported, the OTAP must have the main (size) line number and the not the branch (reduction) line number. If the OTAP connects two lines of the same size, all OTAP SKEYs will show continuation information. If the OTAP connects lines of different sizes, only the following OTAP SKEYs will display continuation information: TERF, TSRF, TORF, TTRF, TTSO Updated tooltip functionality to show ISOGEN settings. ISOGEN tooltips can be activated from the ToolTips configuration variable.

·  An automatic XREF Bind is done on all detail sketches that are attached with the ISO.

·  Insulation and heat tracing settings from Insulation View are now exported to ISOGEN.

·  ISOGEN will export CADWorx Equipment nozzles from XREF drawings inserted into the base model with a rotation about any axis. Previous versions only allowed XREF rotations about the z axis.

·  Updated to ISOGEN Version 9.1. The ISOGEN version is also displayed at the AutoCAD command line when CADWorx is started.


·  Added a live database feature for steel components. This feature is controlled by the SLIVEDB command.

·  Added command SSYNC to updated steel component descriptions from the database.

·  Added command SLOFT to create complex lofted steel shapes.

·  Updated SLADDER to allow the user to create ladders with either curved or straight hoop connections.

·  Updated the user input shape creation for the PSHAPE component to allow for the creation of rolled concentric and eccentric cones.

·  Updated the default layer that Steel center lines are placed on. Steel center lines are now initially placed on layer Steel_Cl. The default layer name can be set using the CADWorx Layer Setup dialog.

HVAC and Cable Tray

·  Added command HWGTUPATE to update HVAC component weights based on user specified density.

·  Added command HLAYERCHANGE. This command can be used to change the layer of the HVAC centerline or solid.

·  Updated the default layer that HVAC components are place on. HVAC solid and center line are now initially placed on layer HVAC and HVAC_Cl. The default layer names can be set from CADWorx Layer Setup dialog.

·  Updated the grip stretch features to re-create the HVAC solid and center line on the same layer as the original component.


CADWorx Plant Professional 2008 / CADWorx Plant 2008 Release

Description: Piping

·  Added “Find” tab to the LineView palette. This palette can be used to locate and zoom to a piping component.

·  Added layer button to the Line View palette toolbar. This option allows further control of what components are isolated.

·  Added command PIDVIEW to start the P&ID View palette. To use this palette, a Live Database has to be setup for both the Plant and P&ID. The P&ID project has to be created using the new process line number capabilities.

·  Added command HBOMSETUP, HBOMTOTAL, HBOMCUT, HBOMSINGLE for the creation of a HVAC bill of material. These commands are only available with AutoCAD 2007, AutoCAD 2008, or AutoCAD 2009.

·  Added specification and data files for ductile iron piping. To use these files, review the file ..\CADWorxPlant\Ductile_Iron\ReadMe_ Ductile_Iron.txt.

·  Added specification and data files for sanitary piping. To use these files, review the file ..\CADWorxPlant\Sanitary\ReadMe_Sanitary.txt.

·  Added command 2DREPH. This command will export the hidden lines from solids to the 2D representation created. All other features of this command are similar to the existing 2DREP command.

·  Added an Export and Refresh feature to the CADWorx Clash palette.

·  Updated Clash feature to use a palette.

·  Updated the NUMBERPID command to change current size, spec and line number settings used by the SpecView palette.

·  Updated the BOM features to display the current accumulation control settings at the command prompt when a BOM is generated.

·  Updated CAESAR II bi-directional to read and write CAESAR II V5.10 input files.


·  Added ISOGEN button the CEdit dialog to start the ISOGEN Data dialog. This dialog can be used to set many ISOGEN settings for a component.


·  Added existing option to Steel CEdit dialog. Added SSETEXIST and SREMOVEEXIST to modify the existing status of steel components already drawn.

·  Added command SLAYERCHANGE. This command can be used to change the layer of the steel centerline or solid.

·  Updated steel base plates to include the length and width in the long annotation.

·  Updated steel CG to process non-editable steel components such as ladders, stairs, and handrails.

·  Updated steel to allow coping of steel solid’s that may have been modified with AutoCAD’s solids editing command.

·  Updated steel to properly position the centerline for curved angle and channel shapes at specific neutral axis settings. Extensive updates were made to the angle and channel shapes drawing routines to resolve centerline displacement issues during modifications of the beam.


CADWorx Plant Professional 2007 / CADWorx Plant 2007 Release


·  Added command SPECVIEW to start the SpecView palette. The SpecView palette provides an alternate method of inserting CADWorx components. SpecView will filter the available components based on the size and specification settings. In addition, SpecView also provides a quick way to change line number settings.

·  Added command LINEVIEW to start the LineView palette. The LineView palette allows the user to isolate components based on line number or specification.

·  Added keyword PIPETHKRED to the specification file. This keyword will lookup the pipe thickness based on the current reduction size.

·  Updated 2DREP layer processing features. 2DREP now ignores any components on a locked layer from XREF drawings.

·  Updated CLASH to work with components from XREF drawings.

·  Updated BOMEXPORT to process descriptions of up to 256 characters.

·  Updated the vertical and horizontal placement options of Nip-Olet and Lateral-Olet to work with a non-world UCS. The following commands were updated: VNOLP, VNOLT, HLOLT, HLOLW, HLOLS.

·  Updated SPECCHG to process keywords for bolts and weld gaps. All other components will have to use mode convert commands to update keywords.

·  Updated tooltip functionality to always turn on the AutoCAD TOOLTIPMERGE setting.

·  Updated AUTOBOLT to report the total number of components added and print the description of the connecting gasket.

·  Updated LINEVIEW to work with components that have nodes.

·  Updated SPECVIEW to include the butter-fly valve component.

·  Updated the following commands to include line numbers from XREF drawings: ISOGENBATCH, C2OUT, CG, BOMEXPORT, ISOOUT.

·  Updated clash features to process AutoWeldGap settings.

·  Updated the nipple component to use the PipeDescriptionCat setting from the configuration file.


·  Updated steel base plates to remember the user specified plate description.

·  Updated steel miter to allow scenarios when the beam does not need to be extended in order to perform the mitering cut on the beam.

·  Updated COMP2STEEL command to work with all available steel types in the library directory.

·  Updated SteelNeutralAxis configuration variable. Added a setting of 3 to have the center line drawn on the outside of the flange for steel channels and angles.

·  Updated steel export to read the new SteelNeutralAxis settings.

·  Updated the tolerance checking to allow steel beams to have very slight vertical deviations.

·  Updated the SBPLATE command to auto repeat to allow multiple plate insertions.

·  Updated plate length and width calculations to create a minimum perimeter rectangle for fabrication of the plate.


·  Added the capability to export the CADWorx generic attach component. This component will only be listed in the material list.

·  Updated flanged pipe export to include pipe length in the description.

·  Updated the export of instruments to include the specification of the connecting component.

·  Updated the export of the bolt component to not automatically append the bolt length to the description. To show bolt lengths in the ISOGEN material list, set ISOGEN AText 538 to ?X?. This will append the bolt length to the size for display in the size column of the material list.

HVAC and Cable Tray

·  Added capability to allow HVAC shapes to be drawn with an open bottom option.

·  Added capability to show tooltips for HVAC components.

·  Added an Apply button to the HVAC dialog. This button allows for the component to be updated in the AutoCAD window without closing the dialog.


CADWorx Plant Professional 2006 / CADWorx Plant 2006 Release


·  Added command CLASH. This command allows the user to run interactive clash detection on all 3D solids present in the drawing. This command is only available with CADWorx Plant Professional.

·  Updated 2DREP options by providing greater control over which components are processed.

·  Updated 2DREP layer processing features. 2DREP now ignores any component on a on frozen layer or current viewport frozen layer.

·  Updated 2DREP viewport processing routines to include components that span the entire viewport.

·  Updated 2DREP block processing routine for blocks that are inserted on layer 0.

·  Updated CAESAR II bi-directional to read and write CAESAR II V5.00 input files.

·  Updated PipeDescriptionCat configuration variable. Added a setting of 2 which will only add end conditions to the long description.

·  Updated clash functions to process TAP, OTAP, and weld gap components.

·  Updated specification change command to better process optional components and trimmed elbows.


·  Added command SSTAIR to draw stairs. This command is only available with CADWorx Plant Professional.

·  Added command SLADDER to draw ladders. This command is only available with CADWorx Plant Professional.

·  Added command SHRAIL to draw hand rails. This command is only available with CADWorx Plant Professional.

·  Added command SBPLATE to draw base plates. This command is only available with CADWorx Plant Professional.

·  Added command SAUTOCOPE. This command allows the user to set automatic coping on or off. When the system is on and two members are coped, they will remain coped even if one of the member is changed. They will automatically re-cope to the shape of the new member. This command is only available with CADWorx Plant Professional.

·  Added command COMP2STEEL to allow the user to initialize the steel draw components dialog with the selected steel member.

·  Added the capability to control the node numbering and increment to CAESAR II structural steel export

·  Updated SteelNeutralAxis configuration variable. Added a setting of 2 to have the center line drawn on the inside of the flange for steel channels and angles.



·  Added connection point processing to user shapes.

·  Added support for AutoCAD 2004 DWG file format for ISOGEN ISOs.

·  Added the export of CADWorx “Code” data as COMPONENT-ATTRIBUTE4 to ISOGEN.

·  Updated XREF processing of ISOGEN supplemental symbols (flow arrows, walls, floors, instruments). Previous versions did not read these symbols from XREF drawings.

·  Updated flow arrow detection on sloped lines.

·  Updated TAP and OTAP component to use the line number of attaching component.

·  Updated export of trimmed elbows.



·  Added a size selection check box to the Spec Editor Edit Component dialog. This check box will allow reducing components to be selected based on the current main size setting.

·  Updated the sorting of the data displayed in the Index code drop down list that is part of the Spec Editor Edit Component dialog.

·  Updated keyword processing feature allow any keyword. A Keyword.dat file located in the specification directory can be used to customize this feature.


CADWorx Plant Professional 2005 / CADWorx Plant 2005 Release


·  Added command CLASH. This command allows the user to run interactive clash detection on all 3D solids present in the drawing. This command is only available with CADWorx Plant Professional.

·  Updated 2DREP options by providing greater control over which components are processed.

·  Updated 2DREP layer processing features. 2DREP now ignores any component on a on frozen layer or current viewport frozen layer.

·  Updated 2DREP viewport processing routines to include components that span the entire viewport.

·  Updated 2DREP block processing routine for blocks that are inserted on layer 0.

·  Updated CAESAR II bi-directional to read and write CAESAR II V5.00 input files.

·  Updated PipeDescriptionCat configuration variable. Added a setting of 2 which will only add end conditions to the long description.

·  Updated clash functions to process TAP, OTAP, and weld gap components.

·  Updated specification change command to better process optional components and trimmed elbows.


·  Added SteelNeutralAxis to the configuration file. This variable controls where the center lines for steel channels and angles are drawn.

·  Added command SCONVERTSOLID. This command will redraw the steel solid based on the center line selected.

·  Added command SGENERIC. This command will attached CADWorx Steel data to any AutoCAD entity. This generic component can then be export to the bill of materials.

·  Added the ability to change thickness of a plate component. Previous version only allowed description changes to plate components.

·  Added SteelRoundControl and SteelRoundUnit to the configuration file. These variables control how steel parametric data is rounded after being read from the data files.

·  Updated steel plate surface area calculations for Steel BOM.

·  Updated steel weight calculations for all members and plates. Run command SWGTUPDATE to globally update all steel components already drawn.


·  Added command OTAP to draw an Offset Tap Connection. This type of tap should be used in any situation that the TAP component does not produce correct results.

·  Added the export of Specification, Short Description, and TAG as ISOGEN COMPONENT-ATTRIBUTES. These three fields can now be part of the ISOGEN material list.

·  Added functionality to change model north direction with ISOGENSETTINGS command.

·  Added functionality to change model offset location with ISOGENSETTINGS command.

·  Added functionality to export special end type/sanitary components.

·  Added functionality to export CADWorx user shapes.

·  Added functionality to export tubing component as pulled bend.

·  Added functionality to export line number continuations with ISOGENBATCH command.

·  Added functionality to export BENT pipe as trimmed elbow or as a pulled bend.

·  Added functionality to export rolled pipe as flexing hose.

·  Added ISOGEN Supplemental section to the Plant pulldown menu to insert blocks for use by ISOGEN export.

·  Added functionality to export wall symbol (From the Plant menu -> Accessory -> ISOGEN -> ISOGEN Supplemental)

·  Added functionality to export floor symbol (From the Plant menu -> Accessory -> ISOGEN -> ISOGEN Supplemental)

·  Added functionality to export instruments (From the Plant menu -> Accessory -> ISOGEN -> ISOGEN Supplemental)

·  Added functionality to export flow arrows (From the Plant menu -> Accessory -> ISOGEN -> ISOGEN Supplemental)

·  Updated Reinforcement pads/saddles component to allow export to ISOGEN when placed on a OTAP component.

HVAC and Cable Tray

·  Added Vertical Square Bend component.

·  Added Vertical Square Radius component.

·  Added Vertical Square Mitered component.

·  Added Square Flat Radius Tee component.

·  Added Oval/Oval Transition component.

·  Added commands for each HVAC component. These commands can now be associated with toolbar buttons.