SOCKETWorx runs on IIS.  IIS has three settings we recommend for response times: "Start application pool immediately" 

The first is an Application Pool Identity Advanced setting -->

  • "Always Running" means means that when the application pool is started a w3wp process starts. OnDemand means the w3wp process spins up when you first hit a website that is associated with the application.  
  • The default setting is "OnDemand" and causes a delay while the w3wp starts.  IIS will cycle the website at various times and go dormant mode to save processing power and the "Always Running" setting will prevent it from happening.

The second is a Website Advanced Setting -->

  • "Preload Enabled" in IIS allows SOCKETWorx to automatically start without a web request. To implement this functionality you need to set the "Preload Enabled" property to "true".
  • This setting tells IIS to send a "fake" request to SOCKETWorx immediately when the associated application pool starts up.