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Connecting JetStream to NAS
This document provides instructions how to connect JetStream to Network Attached Storage (NAS).
This document assume JetStream ProjectVault is installed, licensed, and running. Also, the user has
privileges to connect to JetStream ProjectVault using JetStream Admin.
JetStream Service
JetStreamService Properties Log on as must be
changed to a user account who has access permissions
to a UNC path. (See steps below).
1. Go to Services and right-click on
JetStreamServices > Properties
2. Go to Log On tab, and click This account (See
Image 1)
3. Enter Windows User Name and Password
JetStream Admin
When configuring a storage location using JetStream
Admin, a UNC path must be used to specify the folder
on the NAS device (e.g. \\MyNAS\JS Projects\2016).
Mapped network drive is NOT supported.
• User should type the UNC path directly into the
textbox on the Storage Location Tab (See
Image 2)
• The UNC path must exist, JetStream Admin will
NOT create a folder for you.
Image 1
Image 2