• Add CADWorxStructure.arx & sls.arx to Acad.rx located in: \CADWorx 20xx\Plant\Support
  • Launch CADWorx Plant Professional
  • Click the Tools pulldown then choose Options
  • In the Files Tab expand Support File Search Path
  • Click Add on the right then Browse
  • Browse to the  :\CADWorx Structure 20xx\Structure\Support then click OK

This will add :\CADWorx Structure 20xx\Structure\Support path to the bottom of the list


  • Click on Move Up and move :\CADWorx Structure 20xx\Structure\Support just below :\CADWorx 20xx\Plant\Support
  • Click Apply
  • Click OK
  • Close CADWorx then re-open

Once reopened, you should see the CADWorx Structure Ribbon at the front of the ribbon list: