B31J Essentials provides a set of calculations for revised SIFs and flexibility factors, as defined in the upcoming revision to ASME B31J, Stress Intensification Factors (i-Factors),Flexibility Factors (k-Factors) and their Determination for Metallic Piping Components. By using these revised SIFs and flexibilities, your stress analyses produce more accurate results. B31J Essentials provides the “more applicable data” referenced in recent editions of the piping codes.

Note: B31J Essentials is a subset of FEATools. Therefore, if you currently have purchased and installed FEATools (Version 3.0), you do not need to install B31J Essentials.

In CAESAR II 2017, B31J is a separate install not provided by the standard installer. to get B31J:

Download Instructions for B31J Essentials Installer

1. Logon to the Intergraph Smart Support website at http://smartsupport.intergraph.com.

2. Select the View Downloads tab.

3. Select CAESAR II.

4. Select Freeware Tools and Utilities.

5. Select Support Freeware Utilities.

6. Select B31J Essentials.The B31J_Essentials.zip file downloads to your machine.

To install B31J essentials:

1. Run the B31J_Essentials.exe file.The PRG Products for ICAS 2017 Essentials Setup dialog displays.

2. Click Next on the Welcome page.

3. On the End-User License Agreement page, carefully read the license agreement.

4. Click I accept the terms in the license agreement, and then click Next.

5. On the Select Installation Folder page, review the installation folder path. If needed, click Browse and select a new folder location. Click Next.

6. On the Ready to Install page, click Install to begin installing the client software.The Installing PRG Products for ICAS 2017 Essentials dialog displays. As the installation progresses, the status displays in a series of progress bars.

7. On the Select License Type page, select your license type: network ESL, local ESL, or SPLM license.

8. Click Finish to exit the PRG Products for ICAS 2017 Essentials Setup installer.

9. Double-click the PRG for ICAS 2017 desktop icon or locate and click the version in the Start menu in Windows to open the software.Contact ECE support if you have any questions about your version or how to apply this hotfix.