You would like your CADWorx valves to look like their real world counterparts.


To accommodate as many valve types as possible, CADWorx uses generic data tables to build their valves to look similar to industry standard symbols.


We will find an SAT file from our vendor and import into a DWG format.

Video Steps

  1. In a blank AutoCAD drawing, use the IMPORT command and choose the (ACIS *.sat) file format

  2. Let AutoCAD convert and insert your file into your session

  3. Union the object together if needed

  4. Move the valve body so the center of the valve is 0,0,0

  5. Zoom Extents and Save your file as a dwg into a directory for your custom topworks.

    1. Please note this directory should be a subdirectory of your Specification (PRJ) location.


Now Setup your Catalog to add this custom block to a data table.

Video Steps

  1. Open your Catalog and Navigate down to the Topworks Section

  2. Right Click on the Custom Folder, Add Data Table and fill out the appropriate information.


  1. Add a new MainSize that corresponds with your block

  2. Fill out the MainSize, SubDirectory, DWGName, Rotation and Weight for your custom block


    1. You will want your SubDirectory path to be a subdirectory of the Specification (PRJ) location.

    2. The DWGName will need to include the .dwg extension

  1. Add an optional image for the picture description

  2. Save, close and sync your catalog with your PRJ

Now Setup your Specification to add this custom block to a specific valve.

Video Steps

  1. Open your specification and ensure your catalog is synced

  2. Navigate down to the valve you would like to add the custom topworks overlay on

  3. Use the Topworks dropdown to select your new topworks


Time to insert your valve

Video Steps

  1. In CADWorx Plant make sure to reload your specification (RELOADPROJECTFILE)

  2. In the Specview Palette, choose the updated valve and insert it into your model



Ensure you find a block that is minimal in size so that it does not bloat your models.

You must also ensure your blocks are solids and not surfaces or other object types.


CADWorx Plant Professional 2013, CADWorx Plant Professional 2014, CADWorx Plant Professional 2015, CADWorx Plant Professional 2016, CADWorx Plant Professional 2017