Here are a couple basic tips for the piping input screen in CAESAR II. 

  • To reset your UI to default, click this link:!AleJji7SehcbhimeA2M9rlnq-SDn
  • Several fields in piping input will propagate their values to the next available element.  Those particular fields are here: 
  • To move to the next or previous element, use this guideline:
  • Several methods can be employed to speed the input of pipe lengths:

  • Typical restraint definitions are shown here:

  • Restraints can be CNoded to other nodes.  A "CNode" is a connecting node - it does 2 things.  It associates degrees of freedom, and location in space.  

  • Bends are defined per the following:

  • Several list-style data input methods are possible.  Click this link for an example of snapping the elements list to your piping input window.!AleJji7Sehcbhipb4BlYh6fp2Xn2

  • Several keyboard shortcuts are undefined but available to the user.  See this blog post for a list of all available shortcuts: