Work around for object enabler issues, 2017 R1.


-          Install the 2017 R1 Object Enabler (OE), no changes needed to the Object Enabler files. If you have already made changes to the OE DBX files we recommend that you revert these changes such that Navisworks will maintain full DWG functionality on all workstations.

-          AutoCAD will load DBX files specified in any ACAD.RX file in any of the folders listed in the AutoCAD Profile “Support File Search Path” folders (below screenshots).

We recommend placing the CADWorxPlant.dbx file copied from a [CADWorx Plant Installation]\Plant\Support\ folder on a CADWorx Plant user’s machine running on ACAD 2017 and placing that copy of it into the C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2017\Support\ folder (below screenshots).

Next time AutoCAD 2017 is launched and the models with CADWorx content loaded in plain AutoCAD, the DBX from above ACAD.RX will be loaded instead of the DBX from the OE and the XREF transformation issue will not occur. Meanwhile when launching Navisworks on the same machine, it will use the DBX from the OE installation and continue to support CADWorx DWG functionality fully as well.