To install CADWorx 2016 and up utilizing the silent install feature use the provided script and simply modify it the script to include your companies information (path to the executable(s), user name, company name, serial number).  The script can be copied into the Windows Command Prompt or the text file can be changed into a batch file (change the file extension from .txt to .bat) and ran as an administrator.

    *There are two install script text files.  One is for just the main install (2016, 2017, etc) and the other is for the main software plus any service packs or hot fixes.

    *Please note that CADWorx 2017 R1 does not officially support silent installs.  We have seen on some of our own computers and have heard from customers that it will not install any feature requiring a serial number.  This does not effect all machines and we do not know the cause.

    *CADWorx Structure does not always respond well to silent installs and can create bad profiles.  These bad profiles can only be corrected by uninstalling and reinstalling as Setup Profile does not work for Structure.  Silent installs of Structure are not recommended.

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