These steps were performed with the free viewer version of Cyclone:

0. In cyclone, go to configure > servers, create a blank server. Then go to configure> databases, and create a blank database.  

creating server,

creating db.

2. "Batch import"

3. Pick the options below. Add batch, pick your destination. Pick files, & open. Then click "Run selected".  This will start the import process - in the dropdown of the picture below you can see what imports can be done with the free viewer - *.ptx is one of them.

4. Once you see a "modelspace", then you're done in Cyclone. Now you can create the modelspace view in Cloudworx.

5. In AutoCAD on the CloudWorx ribbon, click the dropdown and go to "configure databases"

6. Path to your modelspace, Create View, click OK.


7. Then click on Import MS View:

8.  Pick the 3 dot dialog, click your modelspace view, click OK, choose your coordinate systems, click ok.


9. That's it! The point cloud is now inside AutoCAD.  Use the Cloudworx ribbon to further cut down and refine the cloud.