You need to add standard details to your isos. Using the Detail Sketches feature of IConfigure you can attach a Detail Sketch to your components in CADWorx Plant and ISOGEN will automatically insert the sketch when it places that component in the in your iso.


Create the Detail Sketch

Using AutoCAD or BricsCAD without the use of CADWorx running, you will want to create a small drawing for each of your detail sketches. Make note of the size of your Sketch as you will need that in the next step of activating it in IConfigure. It is a good idea to save all of your sketches in a sub folder of your ISOGEN style directory.

Please note in the above image, the dimensions are only provided for your reference. Youre dwg sketch file can not contain any blocks.

Activate in IConfigure

Once your dwg sketches are saved in your Sketches directory. You will need to path IConfigure to that location and set some other settings.

You will also want to fill out the Height and Width fields to match the dimensions we noted in the previous step.

Filling out the Label informations allows you to insert the detail label inside of your sketch. In this instance, the label will be placed to the right of the word Detail in our Detail Sketch drawing.

Assign in CADWorx Plant 

To assign the detail sketch to a component you will use the ICEDIT command inside of CADWorx Plant.

After running ICEDIT, select your component to attach the sketch to and then browse out to your sketch directory and select the applicable sketch.


Lets take a look at our sketch in an iso after applying it to a Flange


You can create your detail sketches in other file formats, the best format for CADWorx is to use the .dwg file format.

Your .dwg format sketches must be saved in the same version as your ISOGEN backingsheet titleblock.


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