You are running isos and receive the message to “Create a shorter name.”


Isogen directory names are limited to 80 characters.

Isogen file paths are limited to 100 characters.

Create a shorter name.

ISO Directory (46): C:\SharePoint\Project - Demo Files\01c_ISOGEN\

Project Name (8): ECE_Demo

Style Name (16): ECE-Fab-DualDims

PCF File Path (106): C:\ECE Design\Project - Demo Files\01c_ISOGEN\ECE_Demo\Inputs\1234567890123456789012345678901234567890.pcf

DWG/DXF File Path (102): C:\ECE Design\Project - Demo Files\03c_Drawings\Isogen\1234567890123456789012345678901234567890???.D??


Your path and line numbers are too long. ISOGEN can not calculate long paths.


When you see this message, it lets you know the lengths of your directories and full paths. Determine which fields are too long and shorten them.

It is recommended that your isos are stored and dumped in a directory in the root of a drive letter. 

Change the location of your styles from something like this:

C:\ECE Design\Project - Demo Files\01c_ISOGEN\ECE_Demo\ECE-Fab-DualDims\

To something like this:


Change your output path from something like this:

C:\ECE Design\Project - Demo Files\03c_Drawings\Isogen\

To something like this:


If you are using UNC pathing please consider a drive letter

\\NetworkServer\NetworkShare\Projects\CADWorx Standard Settings\IsoStyles\ECE\DualDims\

To something like this:



Use drive letters

Keep the file paths as short as possible

Do NOT use spaces in your names and paths.


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