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*DBWorx PIDMO - Move the Grid Import Export Functions into the Grid Manager Screen.

Version 11.0.2 Release 

DBWorx: True 64 Bit Application.

DBWorx: Added support for Listing All Blocks and Attributes in a Block Library.

DBWorx: Add support for software licensing.

DBWorx: Started connectivity to Azure SQL with PIDMO

DBWorx: PIDMO - Fixed an issue with Quick Reports and Export

DBWorx: PIDMO - Fixed Import Accepted not being enabled when individual records are selected for import.

DBWorx: Fixed Resolution Issues with various screens.

DBWorx: Added Support for dividers on some of the screens in case needed for resolution issues.

DBWorx: Consolidated Code Base with Worx Plugins

DBWorx: Consolidated Theming with Worx Plugins

DBWorx: Moved to Online Documentation to allow for immediate and continuous document updates

DBWorx:Updated To a Consolidated Versioning

DBWorx PIDMO - Version 9.9 Released

Fixed Datasheet Updates when more than 10 fields are being updated.

DBWorx PLANTMO - Version 4.9.1

Fixed Color Coding of Discrepancy Reporting in Requisition Module

Updated P&ID / Plant Discrepancy Reporting.

DBWorx: PIDMO - Version 9.66 Released

- Fixed an issue where an Excel Datasheet contained an invalid Named Range.  We could not identify where it was coming from so development decided to put another check in the code for named range validity.

DBWorx: PIDMO - Version 9.65 Released

- Added Horizontal Scroll bars to the Report Setup Screen. 

- The Report Designer Listboxes will now also grow when the Window Size is increased.

- All Windows will now remember there last Size and Location.

- Added the ability to change the 

- Fixed a datasheet import issue on large field counts.

- Added functionality to Line List to account for both implementation strategies (Manual Control and Combine Process)