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I-Config - Pipeline Reference & Dwg Numbers Keep Showing Up - POS

I-Config keeps placing pipeline reference (-6), drawing number (-702) and number of drawings (-703). 

Our intentions are to populate new border with Isoworx.  New I-Config styles originally imported from PMan. Used I-Config Copy/Paste function to create new style.  Pipeline attributes are disabled.  Even tried manually removing switch references from POS file within I-Config.  Exported style.  See screen shots in attached PDF.

Looks like even though the style was copied and given a new name, it kept all the old isogen files (POS, ALT, etc.)  The FLS file is still referencing these old files.  See images below.

How do I get I-config to read the new POS files it has created?


I-Configure does not use the FLS file settings. It keeps all of its settings in XML and displays those settings in the dialogs within I-Configure.

The proper way to bring a PipMan style into I-Configure can be found here:

Please take a few minutes to watch the video and it will save you some frustration and struggles.



ECE Design

I really wish y'all would take the time to read the things I typed so I won't get the runaround.

I don't think I missed anything.

As I stated before.....I-Configure does not use the FLS file settings. NOR does it use the POS. OR the OPL. OR the MLD. It uses the XLS, and you cannot change that without going into I-Configure and changing the settings.

CADWorx will read the FLS file, and all the others, but if the FLS file paths are bad then you're not going to get a good result, if you get anything at all.



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I did not edit any fls, pos, etc. I manipulated everything through I-config.  I did not get the results of the I-config changes.  So I curiously viewed the FLS, POS, etc files that I-config exported.  I noticed the exported files by I-config did not reflect my I-config changes.  I cannot figure out where in I-config to make it look at the new files it is creating/exporting.

What version of CADWorx are you running?

In I-Configure, if you're removed the attributes from the Drawing Setup Tool and saved your changes, then the Export Style button will create a POS file with no entries.

If that is not what it is doing, then there may be deeper issues with your ISO style.

Yes sir.  I-config is creating and writing a new POS file on export.  But I am assuming isogen in Cadworx is reading a FLS file? which I-config is not exporting correctly.

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