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Negative Top of Steel Plans [reposted from]

I am generating 2d steel framing plans from our model.  Almost all the steel is at one elevation excepts for a handful of beams.  Those beams are down 6 1/2″.   Is there a way or setting to make the SLS automatically put the negative steel in?  For example, I would like it to read 8×31 (-6 1/2″) when I update the viewport.  I am currently manually editing the text to add the negative numbers but some disappear when I update the viewport.  Any help would be appreciated.

That is a great request, but i am unsure how to accomplish this automatically without using OrthoGen. I will get this sent into SmartSupport.

Thanks for the quick reply.  It would be a very big help for our team to be able to get this done automatically.  Please pass along the Smartsupport reply.

Youre welcome. I have submitted the ticket and it was added to their enhancements list

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